WATCH: Peaches’ “Light in Places” Sticks It Where The Sun Don’t Shine


Have you ever been reaching for the flashlight on your iPhone in a dark room and wondered why you couldn’t harness your own sexual power to light the way?

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Well, wait no more. Mother Peaches will provide.


Following a long and painful wait since her 2009 album I Feel Cream, queer electronic star and naughty lyricist Peaches has finally announced that her next album Rub will be released in September.

peaches album

To keep our blood flowing until it gets here, Peaches dropped the album’s first (slightly-NSFW) music video that will have you seeing the light.

light in places 2

Switching between her familiar verses of spoken word swagger and choruses of disco falsetto, Peaches’ head hovers in the air of a circus tent like a mad ringmistress, boasting of having “light in places you didn’t know it could shine.”

I’m an everlasting iconoclast

I came to destroy the past

My star-gasm makes the blast

Shake the system then surpass

Liberate en masse, eliminate the class

All humans free at last

So much beauty coming out of my ass

The track is slinky and cheeky and danceable and everything we like best about Peaches.

But it’s renowned aerialist Empress Stah who steals the show with a laser firing beams of light out of her no-no. Seriously.

light in places 3

Call it a sex toy, an accessory, or a recessed lighting scheme, but we need to get our hands on one of these party tricks for Pride Weekend.

light in places 4

And what better way to celebrate Pride Week than with a butt plug that can literally shoot rainbows out of your ass?

light in places

Watch the mind-blowing video below. Batteries not included.