Pro-Gay Chelsea Clinton Video Shut Down by NBC: Watch


Fashionably late?

Long before Laura Bush wanted out of ads supporting gay marriage, another former White House resident wanted in.

Buzzfeed reported back in November 2012 that one Chelsea Clinton of the Clan Clinton and also of the major television network NBC had recorded a video for supporting marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington State.

Buzzfeed’s sources say NBC News, where Clinton huffs around all day because no on will play dollies except Ann Curry, was not pleased and shut down the ad before it ever aired.

Much like Clinton’s journalism work, the video languished, seen by no one, ever since.

Until now! For reasons including it doesn’t really matter anymore, the video has managed to leak out and you and the rest of the internet can now watch the former First Daughter advocate on behalf of gays in four states several months after they all passed pro-equality initiatives.

Eat that (we would say if you ate things) Laura Bush!

(via Buzzfeed)