Watch Richard Madden Discuss Hiding His Bulge In “Cinderella”


Ruling over the kingdom. Finding yourself a princess. Hiding your giant bulge? Turns out there is more to being a prince than the classic fairytales have led us to believe.

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Cinderella star, and former Game of Thrones hottie, Richard Madden sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to discuss the difficulties he faced while having to wear skin tight white pants as Prince Charming in the film.


“The prince can’t have any genitalia, apparently,” Madden joked to Kimmel, explaining they had to be extra cautious because it was a Disney movie. “We had about two days of screen tests where we had to try lots of different jock straps, just to make sure we can’t see anything through the trousers.”

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Check out the entire interview below to hear Madden giggle about what it felt like to have all the crew members’ eyes focused on his crotch for several days.

h/t: Instinct

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