Watch RuPaul and Cecily Strong “Sissy That Walk” Into the “SNL” Studios

Sashaying down the runway is not as easy as it looks!

In a new promo for this week’s Saturday Night Live, host RuPaul enters the hallowed halls of Studio 8H and finds Drag Race superfan Cecily Strong.

Strong claims she was just hanging out by the elevators to escape “the drama” of writing night, but we all know she was really lurking the halls of 30 Rock hoping to catch a peek at Mama Ru.

Well, Strong gets more than she bargained for when Ru asks her to “Sissy That Walk” with him into the SNL studios, only to discover that stomping down the runway is not as effortless as it looks.

Ru’s appearance on SNL is a Ru-Union for the two; Strong was a guest judge and acting coach on the fourth season of Drag Race All Stars.

RuPaul as host is not entirely surprising since SNL has been writing Drag Race jokes into sketches for several seasons now, from Chris Pine playing a closet Drag Race superfan to Kate McKinnon’s Elizabeth Warren pulling a Sasha Velour rose petal reveal on a recent episode.

Check out the new video below, and watch RuPaul host SNL this Saturday, February 8 on NBC.

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