Watch Scissor Sisters Talk To CNN About Their Curated Robert Mapplethorpe Exhibit

You know how you’ve been telling everyone that you read ’Just Kids’ for the last few months, and how much you just love loved it? Well, as I’m sure you gathered from the Amazon page of this National Book Award-winning nationally published book, the tome concerns the New York lives of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe. These two artistic individuals love hanging out on fire escapes and going to a lot of bars in neighborhoods that haven’t been gentrified yet… I’m sure.

Well, the cover of the last Scissor Sisters album was actually a Mapplethorpe photo (ref: above) so the band decided to curate a show in London of his photographs! The show is at the Alison Jacques Gallery and is open through March 19th.

Check out the interview Babydaddy and Jake Shears did with CNN about the exhibit below, and pick up a few more facts you can throw into your next ’Just Kids’ cocktail convo:

Can’t wait for Britney Spearsfemme fatale retrospective at Film Forum! Do you think there’s gonna be group rates available?