Watch! Short Film “Pink Moon” Imagines World In Which Straights Are Persecuted

pink moon

It’s a simple thought experiment that probably every queer person has imagined: what if straight people were persecuted in the ways that gays are? Sal Bardo takes this idea seriously in his newest short film titled Pink Moon.

The short traces the romance of a young heterosexual couple who is forced to keep their romance secret because of the discrimination they would face in a predominantly homosexual society. When writing for HuffPo last year, Bardo had this to say about the piece, which, perhaps unexpectedly, takes a feminist turn:

It was immediately after I’d completed the first draft of the script that I realized just how fundamentally tied a woman’s right to choose is to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LBGT) rights, from personal freedom, what society dictates we can and cannot do with our bodies, to the oppression and violence that has resulted in the fight to both obtain and protect those rights.

You can check out the film for yourself, below.

h/t: Attitude

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