Real Guys Attempt “Magic Mike” Dancing

BuzzFeed’s Try Guys are an adventurous bunch, trying everything from thongs to drag. What’s gayer than full on drag? How about learning how to dance à la Magic Mike?

I think we could all benefit from the lessons imparted in this video. For example, as a male stripper, it is important to “really [portray] a character from A to Z with visuals and costumes and the theme and the look.” As one of the Try Guys astutely notes, “it’s more like theater.” So, basically, they should just cast Meryl Streep and move on with their lives.

But all in all, these guys weren’t half bad! Check out the video for some pristine unprofessional stripping, the secrets behind breakaway pants, a horse mask, and much much more!

Brennan Klein grew up in Anaheim, California. Living so close to Disneyland, he found comfort in the arms of horror movies, synthpop, camp TV and offbeat musicals.