Watch! Sonny is sMothered on “Days Of Our Lives”

Note to TPTB at Days Of Our Lives: I know you’re trying to keep a lid on spoilers, but cut a liveblogger a break. No previews or spoilers anywhere mentioned that Sonny would be on yesterday’s show. Our symbiotic relationship can only work if you make it a tad easier to be kept in the loop. Only then can we can achieve full … SYNERGY!

So anyway, there was no liveblog yesterday. But Emmy-Less Sonny … sorry, that was mean … had a memorable confrontation with his mom Adrienne, who somehow forgot that she had made peace with her son being in love with Will.

In the first clip, Adrienne reacts to the news that Sonny’s going to be living with Will, Gabi, and baby Arianna, who will be known, in this post, and this post only, and never referred to again, as … WABIANNA.

Sonny is taken aback, but Adrienne reveals the root of her problem. It always comes back to Sami. Unfortunately, someone is listening in to the conversation.

Marlena overhears, and after Sonny leaves, she rips into Adrienne. Meanwhile, Abigail is confused about stuff.

These next two clips are filled with Soapy Goodness, as Marlena and Adrienne have it out. Will is trying to jump on the “Gravy Train,” with Sonny? Really?

Finally, Sonny pleads for his dad to accept Sami’s case. He agrees, but he better be prepared to sleep on the Kiriakis couch tonight … or one of the other 18 bedrooms.

So that’s what happened yesterday. From what I’ve gathered, Will makes an appearance on Wednesday for his own run-in with Adrienne. Join us for a Liveblog!

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