Watch The 2012 Olympics Here: Lake Placid

How your Olympic morning could start if you spend it in Lake Placid.

In lieu of spending a small fortune to visit London during the Olympic Games this summer, we’ve an alternative for you and your boo. As in, ditch the crowds and go countryside while also hopping a ride down Olympic memory lane? What, pray tell, could we mean?

It’s called Lake Placid and its in upstate New York! Get into it people. Like now. Both the 1932 and 1980 winter Olympics were held in this chill, country town, but its actually a killer late summer destination…and one that is the perfect backdrop to experience this year’s summer games.

Beats the crowds in London. (Getty)

First things first, stay at the Lake Placid Lodge. Its the only hotel in the region that’s actually on the lake and is designed head-to-toe with the Adirondack’s most notable artisan crafts. And more, the restaurant, called the Artisan’s restaurant (can you tell they’re proud?) constantly gets rave reviews. Its a great home base because you can laze to your heart’s desire upon the rustic and scenic porch or use the hotel to go kayaking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, ect. The hotel bar, called Maggie’s Pub, is agreat place to watch the games.

The only lodge on Lake Placid—The Lake Placid Lodge

The 1980 winter games were probably most known for that “Miracle on Ice” game when the Soviets sent back to their cold lands (with a view of Sarah Palin’s childhood home, we surmise) by the Americans in one of the biggest Olympic upsets ever. Anyway – there’s now a rather extensive museum on the spot with some really cool archival do-dads to experience. A certain must see for any Olympic aficionado. Also know that you can go ice skating in summer there and each Saturday night there’s an ice show (Johnny Wier has strutted his stuff there).

Lake Placid, 1980—Team USA beats the USSR and the Miracle on Ice is born! (Getty)

You can sigh up for a Gold Medal Adventure ($35) at the museum and learn the basics of things like luge (on wheels), visit the top of a 120-meter ski jump, and even engage in a paint ball biathlon. Or you can tailor make your Olympic experience. Try bobsledding, mountain biking, disc golf, horseback riding or just wander the park all on your own. Its Olympic heaven incase we haven’t made that clear.

Go to the top, do not ski down.

Could you be America's Next Bobsledding Star?

And when you’ve had your fill, remember that you’re in the Adirondack woods and there’s plenty of nature hikes that will take you past gorgeous waterfalls, hemlocks, and wild animals like deer and, we hear, eagles.

So yeah London. Love you but…maybe next summer.

Trekking is not an Olympic Sport but that's ok with us.