Watch! The Daisy Dukes Fly In This Classic “Project Runway” Meltdown

This season of Project Runway is already one of the better ones in recent years (especially considering the debacle that was last season’s “teams” experience, the biggest misfire in this show’s history).

There are some welcome changes (i.e. the judges finally get a chance to inspect the designs up close, the designers have to ration their Mood money, Tim Gunn has an expanded role), as well as one obvious gimmick (Tim gets a “save,” to keep one eliminated designer in the competition, which he already used to rescue the adorable deaf guy).

This season has also featured a larger than usual number of batshit cuckoos.

First up was “Unicorn Guy” Timothy, who wanted to sail through Project Runway using only “Sustainable” ways … meaning only natural resources, and … not using deodorant or some crap like that. I think he was hoping for a Freegan challenge, and I have to admit I would die a happy man to see Tim say, “Designers, this week we’ll be dumpster diving,” but Unicorn Guy was eliminated early on. Here’s what he sent down the runway for the first challenge. That is one pissed-off model.

Next up was Sandro, who I still steadfastly believe was doing some kind of performance art schtick, like he’s on loan from the Russian Groundlings. His obnoxious he-man persona was highly entertaining, and sorely missed. He was never actually eliminated, but decided to walk away in episode 4, while smashing a camera and flipping the bird.

Finally, there’s Ken, who has become more and more unhinged as the competition has progressed. After episode after episode of eyerolls and nasty comments, things got heated in episode eight, when designer Helen decided to stand up to him.

The Journey Of Ken came to a conclusion on last night’s show, when designers Alexander and Bradon tried to move their things in to Ken’s room. Ken went ballistic, and the terror was compounded by the fact that he was wearing Pond’s Face Cream and ironing his Daisy Dukes. Ironing his Daisy Dukes. I don’t think I’ve typed a more terrifying sentence. How bad was it? The adorable deaf guy had to plug his ears.

As a reward for his ill-temper … they gave Ken his own room for the rest of the competition. If I was one of the other guys, I’d stand up and say “Fine, tonight I’m going to act like a f*cking psycho, then I’ll get my own room.” But it turned out to be a moot point anyway, as Ken was eliminated at the end of the show.

It’s obvious that Ken has serious anger issues, but it’s also clear that TPTB love the drama, and probably kept him to milk as much of it as they could. But Tim, bless his heart, had obviously had enough, giving Ken one of the most curt and hasty goodbyes I’ve seen on this show.

What do you think about this season so far?

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