Watch The New "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and "50/50" Trailers Released Over The Weekend

ugph ANOTHER one of those Scandinavian Murder Mystery party theme nights??

With all the memorial day weekend movie-going every year, there’s usually a pretty big trailer or two that drops every year. This year was no different with a (maybe?) leaked version of the new “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” adaptation, and a peek at the new Seth Rogan comedy, “50/50.” (it’s about cancer)

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” based on the first book in the hugely successful Millennium Trilogy, is being adapted by David Fincher, director of the Social Network. More excitingly, he’s teaming up again with Trent Reznor to score the film. From the “Immigrant Song” cover in this trailer, that Reznor recorded with Karen O, it’s looking like this is gonna be a pretty good match. Check out the trailer below:

There was some speculation online over the weekend over whether that trailer was leaked or actually put out by the studio (the audio IS pretty good) but Harriet the Movie Trailer Spy over here, can’t decide either way. Sorry, everybody.

50/50” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogan is apparently based on the true story of one of Rogan’s friends who was diagnosed with cancer at an early age. I don’t know, I think this movie might be funny and might not, but seeing JGL in a cardigan again is giving me 500 days of twee indie movie flashbacks:

Anna Kendrick just gets it, doesn’t she? 50/50 comes out September 30th and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is riding its motorcycle into theaters just in time for Christmas.