Watch: “The Wizard Of Ahhhs” Gives Dorothy A Pop Star Makeover


First of all, I’ve loved Todrick Hall since he appeared as a semifinalist on the infamous ninth season of American Idol (the one with Ellen DeGeneres). He was pretty ferocious and vaudevillian, and now he’s honing that energy as a very dependable YouTube star.

Less than 48 hours ago he posted a gigantic production called “The Wizard Of Ahhhs,” a take on Dorothy Gale’s tale that repurposes Billboard singles and a couple of famous internet memes (“Let’s get some shoes,” anyone?), and it’s already racked up more than a million views. And that’s because it’s pretty flawless. It’s Pitch Perfect for the Turner Classic Movies crowd.

No big deal, Todrick, but I’d pay you seven figures myself to recreate Clue¬†or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with this level of musical production.