Watch This Hilariously Awful Anti-Gay Marriage PSA By A Catholic Group

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While the majority of the country is rejoicing in Friday’s landmark SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality, there are still a bunch of folks who remain strongly in opposition. Some of whom include the religious organization “Catholic Vote,” who decided to make a video to remind us.

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Simply titled “Not Alone,” the video–shot in black and white for dramatic effect–features a cast of Catholic heteros who are VERY, VERY passionate about their opinion that marriage is between a man and a woman.

So passionate, in fact, that a few begin to shed tears. When they’re not getting emotional, they’re exuding a chilling placidity that feels straight out of Brave New World. 

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The manipulative video follows the same format as pro-gay PSA’s of the past so well, that when the “twist” comes (that they’re all anti-gay), it’s legitimately shocking.

With each donning the truest example of “shit-eating grin,” these martyrs discuss their fear of being oppressed by society for their belief, concerned that they won’t be “welcome” in some places.

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Some “highlights”:

“I am a little bit nervous about people hearing that I am this way.”

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(*Lets out small laugh*) “I would say I am different.”

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“It’s pretty scary, you know. You wonder, how many people I can truly, honestly be open with.”

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“I’ve tried to change this before, but, it’s too important to me.”

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“At the end of the day, we shouldn’t be ashamed of how we really feel. So, you know, be you.”

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“No one should be suppressed.”

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“I have friends who are gay… I don’t fear them!”

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“I mean… I love my friends… several of them happen to be gay.” (Translation: “I love my gay friends, I just don’t think they should be happy.”)

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“The best way to break down all these barriers… sorry (*pauses to wipe tear*)… is too just get to know people one-on-one.”

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Then, the climax, with such theatrics on a level not even good enough for a high school health class skit about not doing drugs…


The orchestra swells, swells, SWELLS, AAAAAAAAAAAAND….

…. “You’re not alone… you’re NOT alone. You’re. Not. Alone.”

Watch the trainwreck below.