Gay Guide To The Fall TV Schedule: Gay Cops, Shirtless Heroes, Shawn Hayes, And More!

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So much television, so little time. This fall brings a slew of new cable and broadcast series, but this early on it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you’re looking for shows that might appeal to the gays, though, the options become somewhat more manageable. To get you ready for the new fall TV schedule, we sort through the shows with gay characters, eye candy and that indefinable queer factor.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Debuts September 17 on Fox)

Brooklyn Nine0NineThe cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

An immature-but-effective cop (Jake, played by Andy Samberg) has to find a way to work with his new boss (Andre Braugher) who has much less patience than the previous boss.

Nine-Nine creators Dan Goor and Michael Schur already have some goodwill built with us thanks to Parks & Recreation. Parks had a few great, gay episodes and we look forward to seeing how they handle having a gay lead character with Braugher’s police captain.


Mom (Debuts September 23 on CBS)

Anna Faris plays a single mom whose four months of sobriety are tested when her alcoholic mother (Allison Janney) re-enters her already-complicated life. Nate Corddry plays her married boyfriend and boss. Faris and Janney bring plenty of faboo to this comedy, let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a test of patience like 2 Broke Girls.


Back in the Game (Debuts September 25 on ABC)

A former All Star softball player (Maggie Lawson) moves back in with her curmudgeonly father (James Caan) and ends up coaching a Little League team for sports rejects like her son. Amid the Bad News Bears flashbacks, Lenora Crichlow (Being Human) is the team’s wealthy sponsor and the mother of an effeminate, “Born This Way”-singing boy who seems likely to inspire at least one story about anti-gay bullying.


The Crazy Ones (Debuts September 26 on CBS)

Robin Williams returns to starring in a TV series as a big name advertising executive known for his unpredictable behavior. While Williams is the star, we’re tuning in to see (Sarah Michelle Gellar) try to reign him in as Williams’ daughter while TheBacklot faves Amanda Setton and James Wolk play staffers at the agency. Sure, we’d rather see Wolk as Mad Men’s closeted Bob Benson or as Max’s boyfriend on the fourth season of Happy Endings (attention Netflix!) but until then this weekly fix will be welcome.


Super Fun Night (Debuts October 2 on ABC)

Rebel Wilson and two of her nerdy friends (Lauren Ash and Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23’s Liza Lapira) try to make every Friday night their “Super Fun Night”. Wilson and Lapira are certainly very funny performers, but you don’t see that in the trailer. Let’s hope they can improve as the series airs, the same way another nerd comedy The Big Bang Theory did. If not, Wilson will at least reunite with her Bridemaids co-star Matt Lucas.

Super Fun Night

Liza Lapira, Rebel Wilson and Lauren Ash in “Super Fun Night”


The Millers (Debuts October 3 on CBS)

My Name is Earl and Raising Hope creator Greg Garcia gives us this comedy about a recently divorced man (Will Arnett) finds his expectation for a new beginning derailed when his bickering parents (Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale) split. Garcia’s past few comedies may have been great, but it’s going to be hard to watch Martindale in this withtout missing the kind of scary badass characters she perfected in The Americans and Justified.

We're the MillersBeau Bridges, Will Arnett and Margo Martindale in The Millers


Sean Saves the World (Debuts October 3 on NBC)

We have a bad feeling about this one. Sean Hayes was comic gold as Will & Grace’s Jack McFarland, but this three minutes plus preview clip for his new Thursday night NBC sitcom elicits nary a chuckle. (If you don’t count the cacophonous laugh track.) Weird considering the comic chops of the cast. Hayes is a gay man with a prickly Mom (Linda Lavin), a teen daughter under his roof and a nightmare boss (Thomas Lennon) to contend with. It’s the only new fall series with a gay lead so we really want to like it. Here’s hoping the show itself is better than this preview.

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Debuts September 24 on ABC)

Joss Whedon makes a welcome return to TV with a spin-off of The Avengers that focuses on the ordinary people who try to protect the world. Let’s hope this one is as good as Whedon’s last series about overlooked people who try to protect the world.


The Witches of East End (Debuts October 6 on Lifetime)

Lifetime realizes that it’s been too long since TV offered fabulous spell-casting ladies casting spells fabulously. Brothers & SistersEric Winter and Daniel DiTomasso make sure this show doesn’t lack for beefcake.


The Tomorrow People (Debuts October 9 on The CW)

Following Arrow (in nearly every way), The CW is delivering a Greg Berlanti produced show about super-powered teens starring Stephen Amell’s cousin Robbie Amell. Yeah, the CW isn’t taking any chances here. It’s based on a classic British series, but this version will probably spend more time getting its hunky lead shirtless.


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (Debuts October 10 on ABC)

ABC goes from Fairytale Land to Wonderland with this spin-off about how Alice tries turning to therapy to convince herself that her visit to a land of talking white rabbits and smoking caterpillars was just a bad dream.

Dracula (Debuts October 25 on NBC)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers goes from The Tudors to a show that mixes the supernatural with period drama, playing the iconic vampire. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like this version has Gary Oldman’s bouffant.


Almost Human (Debuts November 4 on Fox)

In the future, cops are paired with an android partner and Almost Human follows a maverick police officer so unconventional he has to be paired with an earlier model of android that was discontinued for being too emotional. Yeah, it looks pretty silly and cliched. Still, with Karl Urban as the man and Michael Ealy as the machine, it should work as a test of how long hottie actors can make you overlook the story.

Karl Urban Almost Human

Karl Urban and Michael Ealy in “Almost Human”

New Reality Shows

Exceedingly slim pickings for interesting new reality shows this season, but at least there’s…

I Dream of NeNe (Debuts September 17 on Bravo)

Did her roles on Glee and The New Normal leave you wanting more of NeNe Leakes?

Nene Leakes

NeNe Leakes

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Returning Faves

We lost three of our favorite shows at the end of last season: Southland, The New Normal and Happy Endings all bit the dust. But there are still a few returning fall series we can’t wait to see return to our weekly routine.

Survivor (Returns September 18 on CBS): The twist this time out is that loved ones will be competing with and against one another. Returning gay villain Colton Cumbie is back and he brings along his fiance, Caleb. Colton was certainly, ahem, memorable his first time out. Here’s hoping having a loved one in tow will make him more likable.

Colton and Caleb Survivor

Engaged couple Colton (left) and Caleb compete on “Survivor”

How I Met Your Mother (Returns September 23 on CBS): The merciful final season focuses on Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin’s wedding with all twenty episodes taking place over a single weekend. Sounds claustrophobic.

Modern Family (Returns September 25 on ABC): Now that Prop 8 has been repealed, it’s time for Mitchell and Cameron to discuss getting married. Meanwhile, Cam gets a new job as a high school football coach.

Nashville (Returns September 25 on ABC): The country diva vs. country diva soap ended last season by adding Chris Carmack as a closeted singer. Carmack is promoted to a regular in the second season, just in time to take inspiration from Steve Grand.

Nashville CarmackNashville’s Gunnar (Sam Palladio) and Will (Chris Carmack)

Glee (Returns September 26 on Fox): The fifth season starts with a Beatles tribute before dealing with the tragic death of Cory Monteith. Knowing how good Glee handles those emotional beats, start watching for a sale on tissues now.

The Amazing Race (Returns September 29 on CBS); The twenty-third season includes performers Rowan Joseph, who tours the country in The Queen of Bingo, along with his business partner Shane Partlow.

The Good Wife (Returns September 29 on CBS): Last season ended on a big note with Alicia and Cary planning to start their own firm while Peter was elected as governor of Illinois. I can’t wait to see which side Eli (Alan Cumming) picks.

Revenge (Returns September 29 on ABC): This season’s flashforward will involve Emily getting shot in a wedding dress, but we’re more anxious about how they integrate Justin Hartley into the cast. He plays Victoria Grayson’s long lost son. A bit of good news, when we spoke with Gabriel Mann recently he hinted that his character, bisexual Nolan will be dating a guy again.

Gabriel mann revenge

Gabriel Mann and Emily VanCamp in “Revenge”

RuPaul’s Drag Race: The Lost Season RuVealed
(Re-airs starting September 30 on Logo) The landmark first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race was amazing was amazing for the way it managed to open a window helping people better understand drag as an art form all while being a compelling talent competition that managed to parody America’s Next Top Model.

The first season was locked up tight in the Logo Vault but thankfully that’s all been worked out, so the Drag Race “lost season” returns starting September 30th. Rediscover performers like Nina Flowers, Ongina and Bebe Zahara Benet. Or just tune in to try to spot what Jade kept failing to tuck properly.

Scandal (Returns October 3 on ABC): Everyone’s been pretty quiet about what’s next for Olivia Pope and her “gladiators in suits,” but we do know Lisa Kudrow will be appearing, and there’s this…

Scandal Dan Bucatinsky

Jeff Perry and Emmy winner Dan Bucatinsky in the season 3 premiere of “Scandal”

Supernatural (Returns October 8 on The CW): The Winchester brothers have to deal with a world with earthbound angels and human Castiel. Sounds like that should make the Destiel shippers should be happy!

Arrow (Returns October 9 on The CW): For the second season, Oliver’s abs are set to face Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad, Brother Blood (Kevin Alejandro) while introducing the Black Canary.

Diggle ArrowDavid Ramsey (Diggle) and Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) in Arrow

American Horror Story (Returns October 9 on FX): The third season combines witches, Louisiana, historical figures and, judging from previous seasons, something completely out of left field like killer mimes or a sharknado.

White Collar (Returns October 17 on USA): Last season ended with FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) framed for a murder he didn’t commit. Can Matt Bomer’s ex-con Neal Cafferty find a way to clear his friend’s name?

 white collar


The Carrie Diaries (Returns November 8 on The CW): We’re not sure what’s more exciting, Carrie meeting a young Samantha or Walt trying to figure himself out, now that he’s accepted that he is gay.

Brendan Dooling Jake Robinson Carrie DiariesBrendan Dooling (left) and Jake Robinson in The Carrie Diaries

Which shows sound good to you? What’s on your radar that we missed? What shows will you be watching… or hate watching?



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