Watch: Whitney Houston, Mom Blast Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul in Rare Documentary Footage

"You got class. You can sing. You don't need all that."

Whitney, the new documentary about pop icon Whitney Houston’s life features exclusive interviews with those closest to the star and rare, behind-the-scenes videos of some of the diva’s private moments—such as this conversation with her mother.

In the clip, filmed in 1991, the “I Will Always Love You” singer discusses the fickle world of pop music with her mom, Cissy Houston. Cissy tells Whitney to focus on her craft and not worry about chasing trends.

“Nevermind all that other shit,” she says. “Janet Jackson shit. Let the bitch have it. You got class. You can sing. You don’t need all that.”

The clip then jumps to Whitney throwing shade at Paula Abdul.

“Now one thing, Paula Abdul ain’t shit,” the diva says. “That girl is singing off key on the record.”

Whitney is in theaters July 6.

Lamar Dawson is a pop culture junkie and pop diva addict living in Manhattan. Follow him on everything @dirrtykingofpop.