Watching The Trailer For Stevie Nicks' New Album Is Like Getting An Associate's Degree in Magic

Vampires are also involved.

The trailer for Stevie Nicksnew album, “In Your Dreams,” was released today and it is basically a fantastical journey into another sonic dimension.

Stevie was reportedly inspired by “Twilight” while producing her new album, and the vampire inspiration is quite evident in this goth/vintage video production. It is the old timey mall photograph of album previews in the best way possible.

“In Your Dreams” is Stevie’s first solo album in the last 10 years and it is coming out May 3rd. In the meantime, here are some classes that would most definitely be offered by Stevie Nick “In Your Dreams” University. Enroll now.

Tap Dancing:

Swim Team:

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Children’s Millinery:

And Pep Band:

And here’s the full video…