We Can’t Stop Listening To Ariana Grande Saying, “C’Mon Hunty”

The singer stopped by Ryan Seacrest's radio show in promotion of her latest single, "Focus."

On Friday, Ariana Grande dropped her heavily-anticipated new single and accompanying music video, entitled Focus.

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The pint-sized singer promoted the single through various social media posts, a performance at the iHeart Radio concert and in radio interviews, but it was her appearance on On Air With Ryan Seacrest that truly caught our attention.

Seacrest’s statement that he “can’t figure out girls because they keep changing their minds,” prompted Grande to say, “C’Mon hunty!” The result is both hilarious and oddly out of place, making it seem like it’s happening in an entirely different interview.

Odd delivery aside, it’s everything, and that quick finger wag at the very end tops it all off.

Focus serves as the lead single from Grande’s upcoming third album, Moonlight. The singer has pulled out all the stops with this one, including a platinum blonde wig. The brassy production recalls last year’s hit Problem (thankfully) without an appearance from Iggy Azalea. In fact, this marks the first lead single of Grande’s in which there’s not a featured artist credited.


And we use credited lightly, because Focus isn’t a true solo effort from the singer.

Academy Award-winner Jamie Foxx delivers a (grating) appearance on the song’s chorus, with Grande once again on the sidelines of what’s supposed to be the most memorable part of the song – making it memorable for all of the wrong reasons.

We know the girl can sing, so how about letting her finally handle a lead single without assistance from someone else? One Last Time, Break Free and just about every non-single on her other albums prove she’s more than capable of doing this.

That being said, the music video marks a step forward for the singer where the song fails to propel her forward. One thing that Grande has lacked up until this point on her journey to becoming the next big pop star is the ability to dance. In all of her earlier music videos, there’s endless shots of her flipping her hair and occasionally moving a leg or popping a hip. There was that little routine she did for Problem, which left everyone, especially Rihanna, less than impressed.

We’re ecstatic she’s finally displaying some choreography skills, which add so much personality and fun that’s been missing from previous videos.


It remains to be seen if Focus will match the dizzying success that Problem experienced. We have a feeling, however, that there’s better songs on the album waiting for Adele’s Hello to give up the top spot (if that ever does happen). Let’s just hope the next single can at least find Ariana present on her own song’s chorus.

Jon Adams is Josh Hutcherson's taller stand-in, a deranged Ariana Grande fan and a certified mess.