Take A Vacation In The World Of ‘Frozen Planet’

An actual, real-life, un-Photoshopped scene on this planet

It’s been a pretty mild winter overall, with temperatures shattering records around the country. Let’s not forget that St. Patrick’s Day is typically a heavy-coats-and-snow-boots affair, rather than the plunging-green-tanktop-and-shorts episode we witnessed this year.

It’s got us longing for some actual, you know, snow, which is something that Frozen Planet’s got in spades. The program aired last year in the UK on the BBC and became one of the highest-rated nature shows ever. The show was so popular that there’s been a spike in bookings for Arctic and Antarctic travel, with luxury outfitters like Abercrombie & Kent being inundated with calls about trips there.

If the Brits are obsessed with it, we refuse to be left behind. And we have an advantage over our friends across the pond: We actually have some Arctic-level territory in our own country. Alaska’s a top destination with the cruise crowd for many reasons, and as we all found out in 2008, you can see Russia from there.

Frozen Planet visits the North and South Poles (the true Arctic and Antarctic), so Alaska’s not quite included. However, for the adventurous (and those who own sexy Northfaces), there are several LGBT-friendly offerings, including Out in Alaska and trips from the experts at Alyson Adventures.

In the meantime, check out a few of our favorite pics from Frozen Planet, airing on Discovery through April.

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