Wedding Expert: Top 10 Wedding Gifts Under $100

Did someone already swipe up everything you could afford on your friend’s wedding registry? We’re living in days where the cost of filling up a tank of gas is becoming worrisome and it seems that prices for every day items just  keep rising like the summer temperature – so something needs to give, right?

Here are some fantastic wedding gift ideas that you can buy for $100 or under! (Just double check to make sure these things aren’t on their registry first.)

10. $100 Gift Card for the Movies – Sometimes after a couple gets married, they forget about those fun date nights. Remind them to continue their courtship and perhaps you’ll inspire them to make-out in the back of the movie theater again.  I would give the card a theme as well – you could craft a card out of that old lined school paper and write in pen, “Will you go out with me? Circle yes or no.” On the inside of the card say, “Don’t forget date night!”

9. Extra Stemware – When my partner and I moved in together we purchased 12 wine glasses. That was almost a year ago and now we are down to three. If your friends love to host dinner parties, it’s Murphy’s law that at least one wine glass will be shattered. In the card I’d say, “You may have plenty of stemware now, but you’ll need these in a year… trust me.”
Bed Bath & Beyond – $78.99

8. Two Tiffany Candlestick Holders – Opening the gift wrap and seeing the signature blue Tiffany box will make any label-hungry bride or groom gasp. The Tiffany Square Crystal Candlestick holders are classic and will fit into an array of different tastes and decor styles.
Tiffany – 2 for $100

7. A Pair of iPod Shuffles – Even if they have a state-of-the-art iPod, it’s always good to have a shuffle or two around. They may have left their iPod Touch in the office one day, but need something to listen to on an afternoon stroll. The iPod Shuffle is perfect. You can even sweeten the deal with a CD of mixed songs you’d think they’d like so they’ll think of you when they hear it.
Apple – 2 for $98

6. Tool Kit – I know this doesn’t sound like something you would normally give at a wedding, but this will be the best thing to happen to a fresh couple who is obsessed with HGTV. They may have question marks over their head as they open it, but will be praising your name while they’re changing a light fixture. – $80.99

5. Solio™ Classic – Not only is this item recommended on Oprah’s website, it’s also green. This gift is a solar power mobile phone charger. It’s perfect for the couple on the go to throw in their bag after the Solio has been charged to fill up that dying battery. Plus, 1 percent of the sale goes to non-profit organizations.
Credo Mobile –  $99.95

4. Cuisinart Elite Die-Cast Mini Prep, 4-Cup – This is a great compact space-saving appliance for the beginner homes and also is amazing to use for those burgeoning chefs. Guess what makes it even better? It’s on sale! Normally it’s $110.00, but thanks to Williams & Sonoma, it’s almost half off!
Williams & Sonoma – $59.99

3. Mirror – When I moved into my new place with my partner, we could have always used another mirror. So why not get an extra for the friends walking down the aisle? There is always room for one more mirror in your apartment, especially in the bathroom. This purchase will not go to waste!
Crate & Barrel –  $89.95

2. Cash – It may not be the most creative gift, but it will be much appreciated by the wedded couple. Especially after sinking a ton of money into their big day.

1. Your Skill – Do you having any skills that might take the weight off of the minds of those planning the wedding? Are you a chef, a hairdresser, a make-up artist, an ordained minister, a DJ – or do you play a musical instrument or happen to be a little crafty? You could potentially help them take an item off of their check list. Also, your added participation in the wedding will always be remembered.

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Your wedding columnist Shawn Hollenbach is a former make-up artist, friend to LOTS of married folks, comedian and one of the social media guys for @LogoTV@RuPaulsDragRace and for himself at @ShawnHollenbach.