Wedding Expert: Top 7 places to get married in New York State

Now that New York state is the latest marriage hot spot, why not get married there? Or perhaps you could just spend your honeymoon basking in the glow of The Empire State!

Here are the seven top places to get married in the great state led by Andrew Cuomo. As they say, if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere. We hope that this starts a trend for the rest of the states to follow suit… or a tux.

Seneca Falls – Back in 1848, Seneca Falls was one of the leaders of the women’s suffrage movement. Also it’s the gateway into New York’ s gorgeous Finger Lakes region. If you are a wine connoisseur this would be a perfect place for a reception, since there are over 100 vineyards and wineries in the region.  It’s the birthplace of women’s rights, so make sure you lift your glass of local Pinot Noir to them!

Nyack – This lovely village may be best known as the home of Rosie O’Donnell, but is also referred to as the Gem on the Hudson. If your wedding party arrives on a Thursday, then they can enjoy Nyack’s lovely Farmer’s Market and may gaze upon the waterfront views of the Tappan Zee. If those visiting are into art, they can stroll to the Edward Hopper House Art Center, where you can see his work and the work of other local artists.

New Paltz – New Paltz has been fighting for marriage equality since 2004, when their then mayor, Jason West married 25 same-sex couples. If you’re really into nature, you could scout a gorgeous wedding location in the Mohonk Preserve or the Minnewask State Park Preserve. You can get an eye-full of vistas and spend hours winding in trails looking for a place to say “I do.”

Niagara Falls – Here’s your chance to reinvent the cliche honeymoon.  Niagara Falls  is completely embracing same-sex couples. Grab your matching barrels, because The Falls Wedding Chapel is preparing to upgrade from a same-sex commitment certificate to a legal marriage license. Since Canada is right next door, you can also give a high five to our  neighbors to the north, who’ve had marriage equality since 2005.

New York City – Why not go all out and get hitched in the Big Apple? You can have a fast-paced wedding and then go see My Big Gay Italian Wedding off-Broadway, especially since it just happened to you! Another option is to tie the knot in the Pop Up Chapel by officiant Bex Schwartz (of VH1 fame) on Saturday, July 30 in Central Park!

Hudson – One of the most eclectic places to find antiques and friendly faces is Hudson, New York. It’s now known as the new get-away for New York City gay professionals – who later become locals. Those new locals will be happy to take you on a historic tour of this beautiful town. You should just register at one of their many antique stores. Personally, if you don’t walk away with at least one item for your home, I would be surprised.

Albany – Why not support the place where New York State same-sex marriage was born? A great activity would be to go to the historic buildings of Albany to see how “the sweet corn state” got its start. Also know that you’re part of history getting married in a time when it’s not fully accepted in a country that fights for freedoms for other nations.

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Your wedding columnist Shawn Hollenbach is a former make-up artist, friend to LOTS of married folks, comedian and one of the social media guys for @LogoTV@RuPaulsDragRace and for himself at @ShawnHollenbach.