Weekend Meme: Anderson Cooper’s Dirty Jeans, Max Upgrades From Penny To Nickel on “Happy Endings,” and Can’t Tom Cruise Fade Into “Oblivion?”

Happy Hanukkah!Ty Burrell

Ty Burrell is going to star in the new Muppet movie as an Interpol agent, which makes sense as Ty is pretty much half Muppet to begin with.

Is gay culture dead?

In perhaps the creepiest news I’ve heard in a while, Verizon has applied for a patent on a DVR that watches you while you watch TV. It will know if you’re eating, cuddling, screaming at the television, and serve up advertising based on that. Does this mean I have to have an electronics-free room, for you know, “me time?” I don’t need to suddenly see eHarmony ads popping up.

With G4 going the way of the dinosaur, NBC Universal is in talks with Esquire to brand the channel as an upscale men’s network.Anderson Cooper The good news is that John Barrowman would still be a fit as a guest host on just about anything.

Rather than banning the word “homophobia” as the AP wants us to do, why not put it in the DSM with all the other mental disorders?

Anderson Cooper says that he wears the same jeans every day. Not the same kind, but the actual same pair, and that he only washes them every few months. Can we all just say “Ewwww!” together while we send someone over to the firehouse to collect his toaster oven?

As we all know, the new Man of Steel ditches the trademark red underpants on the outside of the costume for Superman, which seems to draw the eye to Henry Cavill’s crotch even more than if they were there (which I’m fine with). But why were they there in the first place?

Just two days after declaring war on JCPenney for using Ellen DeGeneres in their holiday ads (I’m not saying Christmas because I know it bugs them), One Million Moms has deleted their call to action on the issue. “We’re not taking action, we’re moving on. We’ve already contacted the company.” In other words, they realized no one cares.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has sent a letter to MTV asking them to pull the plug on Buckwild, saying it presents the state in an unfair light. But the producer, John Stevens disagrees. “It’s not like looking at a train wreck. That’s not what it is. That’s the part I’m really excited about. There is a certain coolness to it. It’s different than a lot of the stuff that has been produced. I think it’s going to get people talking and it might change people’s perspectives. These kids are totally wild and carefree. It will be very refreshing to the MTV audience.”

Sir Ian McKellen confirms that he, like Sir Patrick Stewart, hasn’t signed a contract for X-Men: Days of Future Past,Sir Ian McKellen but that doesn’t mean he’s not doing it. “When Bryan Singer calls, on the whole, I follow.”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron says the he backs allowing same-sex couples marriage rights, not just in civil ceremonies, but also in churches. The government thinks it has found a legal lock to protect churches from being forced to conduct ceremonies that they are opposed to.

Pan’s Labyrinth is set to become a musical, with a book by Guillermo del Toro, and lyrics by Paul Williams, with Brokeback Mountain composer Gustavo Santaolalla doing the music.

A new survey says that on the whole, GLBT people earn more, owe less and are better prepared for retirement than their straight counterparts. A lot plays into that, from being better educated, not necessarily planning for children, and feeling they have to provide for their own retirement without a legal partner.Garrett Hedlund

The new film On the Road chronicles Jack Kerouac and Dean Moriarty. It doesn’t shy away from the free love aspect of the generation, and Garrett Hedlund’s Moriarty takes that head on with a sex scene with Steve Buscemi. “Steve was wearing underpants the color of skin. In the rehearsal, in the camera they can see Steve’s skin-colored underwear popping into the frame and they’re like ’Steve, can you just slide them down a little bit?'” Hedlund recalled. “And he’s like, ’Oh, no; I’ll just take them off. You don’t mind, do you?'”


 Matt Bomer is on the set of The New Normal, wearing a red tank top, along with Georgia-May King, Andrew Rannells, Michael Hitchcock, and inexplicably, Darren Criss, who was supposedly just visiting.

Matt manages to make just about any outfit look good, doesn’t he?

 I have no idea if this photo Naya Rivera tweeted is real or not, but she called it “Christmas fun!”

 Tell us how you really feel, Stephen Amell

 Won’t one of his costars wake Dylan O’Brien up for the fun?

I won’t decide what I think of Teen Wolf’s Alpha twins until I see them in their underwear

I was a nerd until 40, now I’m at the gym 8-10 hours/week. How will I end up?

Kevin McHale says he was hazing the new kid, but he thinks he liked it. Yeah, I’m taking the high road here

Since Matthew Morrison has nothing to do on Glee, he’s hanging out with Tom Daley and Will Poulter

My future ex-husband is cold. Suddenly, I’m hot

 We’ve got our ice skating episode coming up, and Glee gives us the tiniest sneak peek at what we can expect when Kurt and Blaine hit the ice. We can only hope that this isn’t Chris’ last interview ever.


Dan Savage puts on his sex columnist hat again to try and answer the question of just what’s “normal” in bed. The short answer is that anything is normal between two consenting adults if nobody is getting hurt, but Dan’s NSFW version is probably much better.


Max has been very much a supporting character in Happy Endings this season, with everyone else having new loves and new jobs to take up screentime. It seems he’s tired of being sidelined, and wants to replace Penny as his best friend.

In this absolutely NSFW video from College Humor, the angels find God’s diary, and think everything in it is hilarious, which to someone like me, it pretty much is. Kind of gives a new perspective on the book, doesn’t it?


In what has to be Dustin Hoffman’s worst acting performance ever, he tries to make up for not fitting on the giant couch with One Direction by laying a ridiculous kiss on Niall. This is one of those things that probably could have been really funny with even the slightest bit of effort being expended on execution.


The new Japanese trailer for Iron Man 3 has a bit of extra footage of Tony and Pepper’s happy domestic life, at least for a few seconds before their lives come crashing down, quite literally.


I’m fairly certain this is the penguin version of Nelson from The Simpsons.


In Oblivion, Tom Cruise is a caretaker of a devastated, deserted Earth that has been ravaged by war with an alien race. But if curiosity killed the cat, Cruise better have nine lives to get out of this one.


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to try to describe color to a blind person? Well, this pretty awesome blind guy tries to explain to us what it sounds like when we try and describe color to him.


My home, inside and out, looks like Santa’s workshop threw up everywhere. I have decorations and presents everywhere, which also means one thing: I have glitter everywhere. I’m not a fan of glitter. Once it’s out in your home, it will pop up on you, your clothes, your food, and there’s really nothing you can do about it. I know that I’ll be finding bits of glitter through July, and there’s no amount of work I can do with my Dyson to get rid of it. Ellen is also not a fan of glitter, making her my sole gay soul mate on the subject.


Sit back, kick this video into full screen on HD, and enjoy some of the most awesome locales on our shiny little planet.


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