Weekend Meme: Dustin Lance Black Fights Back, Ryan Phillippe Heads To “Damages,” and the “Shame” Trailer Is Shamefully Tame

Remember when the GQ writer asked Taylor Lautner if Gus Van
and Dustin Lance Black made
passes at him? Black isn’t happy about it, Dustin Lance Blacknor should he be. And a puff magazine
writer probably doesn’t want to take on an Oscar winning scribe, because there
will be blood. “Above and beyond this clear attack on my character, I’m
shocked that GQ would allow their writer to lean on the scurrilous, outdated
stereotype that gay men are by nature sexual predators. I mean, would you have
asked this same question if it were Diablo
and Kathryn Bigelow at
dinner with Mr. Lautner?”

TNT has canceled Memphis Beat. My mom is not going to
like that.

In a new poll by Public Policy Polling, Rick Perry was ahead of Katy
(41%-18%) and Tyler Perry
(38%-18%) for president.

Ryan PhillippeDamages, which is evidently airing on DirectTV now, has signed up one of my first crushes, Ryan Phillippe, who will play a Julian Assange-type character.

Was anyone out there dying to see a Pinocchio prequel, focused on Geppetto?
Anyone? Anyone at all?

Sir Elton John makes a calm, logical argument on why Congress needs to
further fund ADAP programs to provide life-saving drugs for HIV treatment. It’s
cheaper to treat it with drugs than it is to treat the spread of the disease.

In a very Christian-like move, a pastor was deemed unfit and fired from his church for
posting an article on Facebook that the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was a
good thing.

In news that will always leave me dumbfounded, bubbly,
bright Brenda Song is engaged to tattooed southern rocker Trace Cyrus. Is the Mouse holding a shotgun wedding?Shameless Ian Gallagher

Shameless: USA is back on Showtime January 8th. So much for canceling the
premium network and saving a few bucks.

Has online hooking up made gay men too picky and just plain
rude? This NSFW article makes some valid sociological arguments about
what we’ve become. Seriously  – “Why
is it so important that someone find a slim, masculine, hairy, buff man? Do you
have some sort of vintage sling with a really low weight limit?”

In Texas, a male cheerleader says he was kicked off his high school squad after he was
spotted on security footage kissing another male student.

About 52% of us are out at work, and most who are report bigger success at
work, lower stress, and fast advancement. Granted it might not work for
everyone: I spent a lot of extra time in my job hunt finding a company that I
could work for in West Virginia that had anti-discrimination policies. I was
lucky to find something with an HRC 100% rating. Are you out at work?

Jerry Weintraub addresses concerns that Michael Douglas and Matt
are too old to play Liberace
and Scott Scott Thorson and LiberaceThorson, since Thorson was
16 when he got involved with Liberace, and they split when he was 24. Damon is
41.Well, he doesn’t so much address them as say that he’s Jerry Weintraub, and
he can do what he wants.

Here are five horrible examples of parents abusing their children because they’re gay.

In Kansas City, a Catholic bishop has been criminally charged for failing to report a
pedophile priest. It’s believed to be the first time in the United States
criminal charges have been brought for failure to repRobert Downey Jr.ort. But if you read the
whole piece, you’ll see why this case in particular is egregious.

Granted, I understand that Robert Downey, Jr.’s entire second career is based around
forgiveness, and he’s really made the most of it. But now he’s asking Hollywood,
and by extension the world, to forgive Mel
. It’s not even the same game. Downey hurt himself with years of
drugs. Gibson is a bigoted asshat who appears unable to control his ego and his

Russell Brand made it into Canada without any incidents this time, but it looks like they don’t intend to take any chances with him.

Canadian police are very cute.

We’re two weeks away from the DC AIDS Walk. Who are you walking for?

I did not authorize this action in the war on cats.

The Young Storytellers held their fundraiser this weeekend, and a lot of local favorites showed up to act out the kids’ scripts. Most of the Glee cast was there, as was Trevor Donovan.

It’s a shame the picture was so out of focus.

The perfect shirt for National Coming Out Day.

This is what a good movie poster looks like.

And this is what happens when marketing hates the movie.

Bill Maher doesn’t just support the Occupy Wall Street movement on his show, he does it in person. Probably after taking a private jet to D.C. after his Friday show, because he is, admittedly, the 1%.

But he doesn’t support the 1%

I’m still a bit hurt that Him & Her hasn’t aired in the States yet, especially as it’s time for the second series in the UK. Here’s my future ex-husband playing a heterosexual slob and totally nailing it in a review of the first series. Probably NSFW.


Alan Ritchson has an unusual hobby: He trains attack dogs. As mellow as they seem, this video shows one dog bringing him down, something it takes six linemen to do on Blue Mountain State.


We may as well get this over with. I’m sorry. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked exists.


As I mentioned, DC AIDS Walk is in two weeks, and with 1 in 20 in DC being HIV+, it needs all the participation, either walkers or donations, that it can muster. We’ve already heard from Rachel Maddow and former President Bill Clinton. Now Hoda want you to help.


This was tweeted at us. I thought it was kind of cute. NSFW language.


Considering Shame was touted as so naked, and so sexual that it had to release with an NC-17 rating, this trailer is, well, boring and exceedingly overdressed. But it’s not the first time I’ve screamed “Take it off!” at a screen with Michael Fassbender on it.


I just found Headlines that Suck over on Hypervocal, and I think it’s pretty awesome.


Family Feud sometimes goes to naughty places trying to figure out the mind of America. But nothing quite compares to the dark, funny places a pastor’s wife can take you.


How do you spot a liar? It’s not always the cues you think it is.


I’m a sucker for Dave Salmoni, even when he’s with cats. But mostly I was watching to see if Julie Bowen’s nightmare would come true.

I know I’ve been running a day behind on Husbands, but please don’t take that as me losing interest! I’ve been running a day behind all week, in everything. And this is a totally cute episode. Way cuter than the zebra.


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