Weekend Meme: Matthew Mitcham Is a New Gay Icon, Mark Ruffalo Would Not Have Been Cast In “Hung,” and What Is Simon Pegg Afraid of?

Mark Ruffalo is a good interview (unless you’re the film’s publicist trying to keep him from revealing too much).  When he was talking about filming The Avengers and doing motionMark Ruffalo capture as The Hulk, he let this gem drop about the skin tight motion capture suit. “I’m not well-endowed, and those suits don’t really show you off in the most…”

Deadline does a really great roundup on the early pilot season buzz. Two standouts for me were, that while The New Normal is still filming, they don’t think any network would turn it down with the auspices it has, and certainly not hit starved NBC. Plus, evidently Partners, the much redone show about the Will & Grace creators personal dynamic is getting great buzz at CBS, which is shocking.

Should this cat buy these sunglasses?

Nicole KiMatthew Mitchamdman is evidently a front runner to play Grace Kelly in the ultimate real life princess story, and I have to admit, from some angles the resemblance is striking.

Some of your favorite shows have been redone with Peeps for Easter. The Simpsons is shockingly good.

A controversial new study tries to draw links between homophobia and repressed homosexuality and a stern, bigoted upbringing. But some scientists are calling foul on the methodology.

Matthew Mitcham has made the list of Australia’s New Gay Icons, joining folks like Kylie. It’s not bad company to keep, especially for a young babe like Matthew. Can you imagine all he’ll have accomplished in another 20 years?

 As expected, Current TV filed a countersuit on Keith Olbermann, saying Olbermann’s own suit was “riddled with falsehoods and distortions.” Oddly, they take Olbermann’s comments on Letterman about having made a mistake as evidence that Olbermann screwed up. What Olbermann said was that he made a mistake even joining Current TV, which is different.

You can never trust something in the National Enquirer, and their headline definitely sucks, but they’re claiming that Josh Hutcherson’s support of gay rights stems from having had two uncleIan Somerhalders die of AIDS at a young age. While that could be one explanation, the other could be that he’s just the perfect man.

Britain’s gay flamingo pair just celebrated five years together, with a courtship that’s included raising chicks together that they stole from straight flamingos. Obviously a consequence of gay marriage.

Taking a more traditional route than their Maine counterparts, Catholic bishops in Washington are coming out full force to support the repeal of marriage equality in Washington.

So. John Cougar Mellencamp and Stephen King wrote a musical together. Never really expected to type that.

What would you say if Ian Somerhalder said “Let’s Get Dirty” to you?

PeetaThomas Kinkade, famous painter of light, and furnisher of a lot of bad hotel room art has passed away at 54.

The situation in Anchorage with the ballots on Prop 5 may be worse than anyone thought, with as many as 8,000 suspect ballots.

It looks like The Hunger Games will win the box office again as it passed $300 million, which is a speed record for a non-sequel, non-summer film. American Reunion will take second place with $22 million, and Titanic 3D will sink to third with $16 million.


I really just can’t help myself when it comes to Josh Hutcherson, and when he goes and does something this silly and endearing, and at the NewNowNext Awards to boot, I’m really just a puddle in the floor.

Can he possibly be this well rounded? He has to be a monster in private, right?

Speaking of unrequited crushes, snicks has one on Allan Hyde, who went night fishing. Wanna reel him in?

I still prefer him half naked in some weird Dutch short film

Since the biggest use cats have for humans is as a foodbringer, I think we can all agree that now we’re doomed.

Unless a can opener is more complex than a freezer

Although Texts From Dog brings up the concept of man’s best friend developing opposing thumbs, this really isn’t my favorite one, but it turns out dogs cuss like a sailor.

And in my head, I’m hearing NaNaNaNaNaNa – Batdog!

The question is, will our own Morgan still love Joseph Gordon-Levitt when he gets old and looks like Bruce Willis?

I still don’t completely get the concept for Looper

The Easter Bunny in my mall is way creepier than the one Kal Penn found

How did this happen on Penny Arcade? Click through to find out

And not to be outdone, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal proves that kids have faultless logic

 This image, of a pizza with a hot dog baked into the crust with a mustard drizzle is normally where I’d make a snarky reference to Americans being gluttons. But this is actually from Pizza Hut UK, so I’m just going to briefly feel smug.

It really doesn’t even sound appealing – maybe if it was sausage


I had gotten the press release on American Translation a few days ago, but missed watching the trailer until today.Billed as a modern day, bisexual Bonnie and Clyde, I find it fairly disturbing visually, and I’d really like to see more bisexual representations that are positive on film, but man, can he kiss or what?


Being an assistant to a celebrity must have some serious perks, because living in a camper and sucking the milk from a cow’s udder seem like the world’s worst job. Zac Efron does score some points from the sideline.


Zach Wahls has to be the best spokesman for gay rights in a generation.


I really have no idea what’s going on with Simon Pegg in the trailer for A Fantastic Fear of Everything, but he does score bonus points for making a cute hedgehog look demonic.


Tic Tac in France has created a fairly neat version of the flashmob. It works in any language.


So the aliens in Battleship can lay waste to a Marine air base in seconds. Yet we somehow defeat them I’m guessing.


I don’t know what to say about The Walking Dead Mad Men since I don’t watch either show, but I’m sure someone will think this is clever.


In Good Friday, you just never know who is going to brighten your day.


Lasers are very cool things if you know how to use them. You can even explode a firecracker inside a balloon, if it’s the right color.


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