Weekend Meme: Trevor Donovan Won’t Be Finnick Odair, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Are Awesometown, and Frank Ocean Celebrates the “Sweet Life”

For those of you keeping track of the celebrity Teabaggers, you can now add Kevin Sorbo to the list. At least we still have Xena.Kevin Sorbo

The situation with same-sex couples and the civil partnerships registry in Ecuador is more complicated than many people have thought. Now a court has ruled in favor of a lesbian couple seeking to have their relationship registered so they can name their adopted daughter as both of their child. Like I said, it’s complicated, but Andres at Blabbeando does a nice breakdown.

In an unexpected move, Texas Governor Rick Perry is applauding 650 Aggies that came together to shield a soldier’s funeral from a protest by the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church.

TTrevor Donovanhe casting for Finnick Odair in Catching Fire is moving along, but sadly it no longer contains the possibility of Trevor Donovan in the role. He definitely had the abs for it.

Google is launching a new global, pro-gay campaign in countries that it does business in to advance GLBT rights. Beyond fulfilling their motto to “Do no evil” they say it’s good business – they can’t hire the people they want to work in certain countries because of homophobia, and have had to transfer employees to other countries because of the issue. The first target is Singapore, which is seeking to become a global financial center and where they have significant operations. True story – I once spent some time in a Singapore gay bar in a mall there. Sad little place filled with ex-pats and flight attendants scared to death to be there.

Leslie Odom, Jr. has been upped to a series regular on Smash from recurring, which could bode well for his relationship with Tom. They’ve also added Krysta Rodriguez, who will play a roommate to Katherine McPhee’s character.

A New York court has thrown out a lawsuit aimed at overturning marriage equality in the state that was based on the state’s “open meetings” rules. The court ruled that if the law was interpreted as narrowly as the opponents of equality wanted, Republicans and Democrats would never be allowed to speak. Much like the U.S. Senate.

Civil rights legend David Mixner has Five Questions for Michael Urie, who is headed for a big new role on Partners this fall. As for Urie’s most embarrassing moment on stage, in The Tempermentals, “One night, my pants ripped up the butt while bending. Now, this was an alley theatre, so there were audience members on both sides, and I couldn’t shield my butt fromKaty Perry both at once, but I’d hoped the rip was small enough (and quiet enough), that people didn’t notice. Later, I told the costume designer about it, and he said ’Oh, I heard, Tony Kushner told me!'”

Katy Perry was raised in a very conservative home, but she’s thrilled that President Obama has come out in favor of marriage equality. “I was really happy; I probably went down to West Hollywood and had a shot. I came from a different mind-set growing up, and my mind has changed. My viewpoint on all these things—equality for women, the choice to love anyone you want—hopefully, we will look back at this moment and think like we do now concerning [other] civil rights issues. We’ll just shake our heads in disbelief, saying, ‘Thank God we’ve evolved.’ That would be my prayer for the future.”

In case you’re concerned about the sun swelling up into a red giant in a few billion years, you shouldn’t be, because NASA has a plan to move the orbit of the Earth. Now if they just had a plan to get a human out of low-earth orbit.

The National Enquirer says that Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka areNeil Patrick Harris and David Burtka fighting about the wedding because David wants another baby and Neil doesn’t have time (never mind that David sounds exhausted being a single dad while Neil is shooting Smurfs 2). But not to worry, the supercouple is actually “awesometown” according to Neil. Should we be proud that the National Enquirer is running such mundane made up stories about an A list gay couple these days?

I’m sure that someone is thrilled that there is going to be a new Sailor Moon cartoon next year, and I’m guessing that person is snicks.

Folks seeking the constitutional ban on marriage equality in Minnesota are ever so angry that the title of the bDrake Bellallot initiative is “Limiting the status of marriage to opposite-sex couples” and they want to see all the communications from the governor’s office to see if the bigotry is being sabotaged.

Former Nickelodeon star (and snazzy dresser) Drake Bell was initially in hot water for badmouthing Katy Perry, but he claims he was hacked, and that he’d never badmouth Perry, who he loves. Justin Bieber is a different story though. This can’t possibly end well for Bell.


 We’re going to be having a very British picture page today, thanks to World Pride in London. It seems getting a picture with Ben Cohen and Gareth Thomas was high on the list for a lot of people, like Louie Spence.

Gareth just towers over everbody doesn’t he?

 Antony Cotton jumped in next – I mean who wouldn’t?

 Stevie Webb obviously wore Russell Tovey out. Make of that what you will

 Meanwhile, Joe McElderry optimizes his time with pushups in an elevator

 This is my life, every night. Bed calls, I let it go to voicemail

 Maxim felt the need to reassure their readers that Colin Farrell wouldn’t be taking off his shirt inside their new issue. Are straight guys really that insecure?

Well, at least they know their target audience

 A fascinating map of tweets about “church” and “beer” shows my neighborhood is really into tying one on. Perhaps churches should start serving beer to increase attendance?

I probably still wouldn’t attend, even if they had Newcastle on tap

 An interesting musical trio

 Cheyenne Jackson wraps his role on Bryan Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane. You can kind of see the aesthetic they’re going for in the show with the set and Cheyenne’s costume.

Is this what a modern scoutmaster wears?

Meanwhile Ill Doctrine talks about Ocean’s coming out, and notes that Ocean never applied the labels “gay” or “bisexual” to himself, that that has been something that the media has done.


I remain fascinated by Rise of the Guardians. The new trailer isn’t quite as badass as the first one, with Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Sandman going to battle, but it does give us the narrative device of Jack Frost, eternally youthful and playful, and instrumental in defeating the evil that seeks to impose fear on the children of the world. As a bonus, Jack Frost could pass for an adorable baby dyke!


This is not what you think it is, but the question is, “Is it effective?” Because it gave me chills.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is being honored for her work with GLBT rights globally. While she couldn’t attend the party (and it sounds like she would have loved to), she did put out this acceptance video.


These soldiers in Belarus are freaking amazing. It really gets good around the :30 second mark.


I admit, getting through this video from Conner Habib, the NewNowNext Sexpert, wasn’t easy, because I had some issues with listening to his guest Christeene. Which says something about me that might not be pretty, and neatly illustrates tangential points to this video about a boyfriend who can’t enjoy Pride because it’s gone too corporate. But in the end, Conner drops some wisdom about using the whole year properly, and maybe you can relax and enjoy Pride.

And to chill you out, take a look at these tiger cubs that are currently in residence in Hungary while their mother is sick. The tiny zoo hand raising them allows incredible interaction that I’d love to be a part of – these are cats I’d love to cuddle.


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