Weekend Meme: Zachary Quinto Plays Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock, Heather Morris’ “Run the World,” and Ty Burrell’s Closet

Everyone is touting this week’s Glee episode, “Asian
F” as one of the best episodes of the series. I admit, watching this clip, it really made Mike Changme feel for Mike Chang, and not the good feeling I
get with Burt and Kurt.

Congratulations to Rep.
Jared Polis
, who just became the first openly gay dad in Congress with
the birth of his son, Caspian Julias.

Moscow Pride turned violent, again, with at least 40 arrests. Meanwhile the Russian province of
Arkhangelsk has banned all protest by the GLBT population

From the files about Jason
I’ve now begun keeping, his wife wrote a piece about the two of them
hiring a hooker together to rekindle their spark in the bedroom, and put it up on The Smoking
, Jason Biggswhich is the SFW Playboy operation. And according to Seann
William Scott
, American Reunion is a raunchy film, and includes full-frontal from Biggs, which may explain why
they needed help in the bedroom. Or not.

Marmosets can meditate if marshmallows are involved.

In 2009, 92% of all Billboard Top 10 songs were about
“reproductive messages.” Which is my new favorite euphemism.

I remain fascinated that Mexico City lawmakers are
contemplating making marriage a two-year contract, with an option for
renewal, rather than the whole “til death do us part” thing. I always
wondered why marriage was the one (theoretically) unbreakable contract. The
idea of contractually bound marriages appeared in a series of books I read
years ago I’d forgotten until now, and if I recall, they were ironically by Orson Scott Card. In Mexico City, you’d
have to spell out property and child custody in advance of marriage. It sounds
brilliant.Danny Masterson

The new TBS show Men At Work has finished casting, with James Lesure, Michael
, and Adam Busch joining
lead Danny Masterson as he tries to
rebuild his life with the help of his buddies after being dumped. Despite being
set at a magazine, who wants to bet there’s not a gay character to be found?

At least one student has
been suspended
for taunting Jamey Rodemeyer’s sister at a homecoming dance
last week, but no word on the other students reportedly involved. Police are
trying to obtain video reportedly shot of the incident.

Maggie Gallagher, I do not hate marriage, and I did not suffer as a child.
Please find a way to support your bigotry that is about you and not stories you
made up.

Thomas JaneI’m starting to believe that Thomas Jane is just willfully ignorant of how he should say things,
and is destined to piss me off. When asked about his craziest sex scene on Hung,
he says “One of my favorite episodes this year is when Ray gets involved
with a woman who may or may not be a real woman.” Somebody sign the man up
for a GLAAD training class, stat.

Thrice-married Newt
is calling marriage equality a “temporary aberration.”
Just like his marriage vows.

The Pentagon has ruled that military facilities may be used for private religious ceremonies as long as
they’re not illegal in the jurisdiction of the base. They also say military chaplains
may, but are not required to perform said ceremonies. Phrasing it this way
potentially means more than marriage in seven states including overseas bases.

First Lady Michele
went shopping at Target, in broad daylight, with the store open. Granted, probably
50 Secret Service also shopped alongisde, but it’s still quite real of her. Remember
President George HW Bush not undTom Forderstanding checkout scanners because he was so out
of touch?

Nominees are out for the Stonewall Hero of the Year Awards,
along with their Bigot of the Year Awards. I know something about everyone on the list, but people are still struggling to explain exactly what The
Only Way Is Essex
exactly is.

Out Magazine has a list of the Best and Worst Dressed gay men. Tom Ford is obviously the best dressed, when he can be bothered
with clothes. Johnny Weir has the
distinction of appearing on both lists.

Here’s an oldie I had missed from the party the night before the Emmy Awards. I know part of it is the angle, but Chord Overstreet’s arms look great in this photo.

He may also be helped by the weird expressions from the other two.

Dave Salmoni finally found a way not to look big and sexy in a photograph.

Well, he’s still sexy.

The big event on Saturday night is of course the National Dinner for the Human Rights Campaign with President Obama providing the keynote. The year I went, we just got Attorney General Janet Reno, so it’s a step up.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson says he recycled his Golden Globes Tuxedo – gay shame!

Also at the HRC event was Cyndi Lauper meeting young Greyson Chance, who I’m sure all the conservatives are going to say we’re corrupting by having him around that much concentrated homo.

Add a pink stripe, and Cyndi is rocking an 80s haircut.

And you’ve been blaming the dog!

I thought diver Tom Daley was British? – Awkward ’shop?

Pulling out would probably save straight people a lot more than $600.


Glee intends to unleash Heather Morris for a full dance number with “Run the World” this week. I can cope with everything being in the high school except the black (leather?) skirt. My brain just won’t process her skirt. Note: Video autoplays, so click the image to open it up.

I suppose if I were going to spend Seven Minutes In Heaven with Ty Burrell, there might be rainbows involved, like those shirts over his shoulder. I’ve only recently warmed to Phil on Modern Family, but I’ve always loved Ty.


This ad for equality in Australia is visually interesting, and it’s full of very supportive facts. But I can’t help but think it missed the mark like so many campaigns here in the states, because it’s dry and dull and will have to compete against emotional appeals from the dark side.


Honey Badger likes pistachios. Who knew?


Here’s the first five minutes of American Horror Story, which features a set of ginger twins. Frankly, I’m not at all sure that these two actually do have souls, even before the house gets involved. There’s also another clip with a cute boy over here.


BBC has given us some fantastic shows about our planet, but Frozen Planet is just stunning. The state changes, the penguins, the wildlife is just so powerful. I can’t wait for it to make it stateside.


I’m fairly certain that in this audition for Jersey Shore, Paul Rudd says he’s looking to marry a juice head. Which I understand to be a male. So, where’s the nearest tanning salon and GNC?


As is the weekend tradition I have a video of hot men for you. This one is NSFW, because it includes some bare bottoms, but it’s YouTube-level nudity, so it’s nothing scandalous. Besides, these rowers from Warwick are just trying to get you to check your balls for the Blue September Male Cancer Awareness. The big question is: whose hand prints belong to whom?


Slate chooses to burst our bubble about robots from television and the movies and tell us that we’re nowhere close to having Rosie as our maid.

Admit it: You always wanted to see Zachary Quinto play Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock, didn’t you?


And finally, despite getting frisky with Elmo in photographs a few months back, it appears that Jesse Tyler Ferguson spent time with another monster when he visited Sesame Street. His nana is going to be so upset with him!


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