Splitting Image: Weiner/Spitzer Monstrosity Gets Some Company


This week New York Magazine made a splash – that is, if by “make a splash” you mean “scare the sweet tapdancing bejeezus out of any unsuspecting newststand passerby” – with a cover that combines the faces of philandering New York politicos Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer.

I was as surprised as anyone never to have realized just how much Weiner looks like Spitzer must have looked before someone left him on the dashboard on a sunny day with the windows rolled up. But that’s beside the point. It gave us the excuse to mash up some of our favorite associated celebs with the sole aim of achieving the most unsettling effect possible. Enjoy!


Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Julia Stiles


Two great Stiles that style great together! And then of course there’s the more obvious variation:

Stiles and Derek (Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin)



Chris Colfer and Emma Stone


Seriously, y’all – I’ve been seeing the above since episode 1 of Glee. It’s like two of my favorite young celebs sharing the same body. (And if that body were Andrew Garfield’s, I’m sure nobody would be complaining – ZING!)

Next page… Madonna, Lady Gaga and other ballsy women get the split image treatment.

Madonna and Lady Gaga


Obvious, maybe – but it works.

Phi Phi O’Hara and Sharon Needles


I was actually kind of shocked at how well these two former arch-rivals lined up. WERK!

Jenny McCarthy and Elisabeth Hasselbeck


Guys, if the new The View looks even remotely like this salad-devouring monstrosity, I’m never turning on my television before 8pm again.

So, over to you gentle readers. Which two celebrities do you think would make for an interesting and/or nightmarish mash-up?

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