Wells Fargo Celebrates Pride With Videos Honoring The Work Of LGBT Nonprofits

The videos highlight the efforts of Point Foundation, The Trevor Project, GLSEN and SAGE.

Wells Fargo is celebrating Pride month with a series of news videos that celebrate the work being done at four different LGBT nonprofits.

The “Standing Together” campaign commemorates the financial services company’s 30-year relationship with the LGBT community, specifically through its partnerships with Point Foundation, The Trevor Project, SAGE and GLSEN.

“We wanted to move beyond just a celebratory rainbow campaign. We wanted to go deeper and tell some real, authentic stories about some of the most vulnerable members of the community and really bring some awareness to the organizations that are addressing those needs,” said John Lake, LGBT segment lead at Wells Fargo.

Each video provides a window into the work done at the specific organization, while also highlighting the direct impact that work has had on a individual. Whether it be a hotline volunteer at The Trevor Project, a Point scholarship recipient, a former bullied student supported by GLSEN or a queer woman who found solace through grief at SAGE, the videos are a moving testament to how the LGBT community supports its own.

The Trevor Project


Point Foundation


The videos began to make the rounds online this week following a difficult weekend for the banking company at Washington D.C.’s annual Capital Pride celebration, of which it was the main sponsor.

A group of activists from the newly formed “No Justice No Pride” movement disrupted the Saturday parade to contest Wells Fargo’s sponsorship, which they called hypocritical given the bank’s major financial contributions to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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