“SNL” Has The Perfect Christmas Gift For The Sensitive Little Boys In Your Life

Introducing "Wells for Boys."

Saturday Night Live created a toy for all the little boys out there who don’t fit in when it’s time to play with the other male children — a well to “wish upon, confide in and reflect by.”

“Wells for Boys” from Fisher-Price is the faux-gift of the holiday season for any little guy who is a bit too sensitive to play with the more traditional toys of his peers.

wells for boys

“Some boys live unexamined lives, but this one’s heart is full of questions,” the ad says.

Emma Stone served as the host of SNL on Saturday and played a mother who scolded one of her sons for questioning his brother’s well.

emma stone

“That’s because it’s not for you,” she shouted. “Everything is for you and this one thing is for him!”

Check out the comedic commercial below.

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