Wendy Williams to Host the "A-List: New York" Reunion Special! How YOU Doin'??????

Wendy is gonna do more than “explore” with the “A-List: New York” cast on the big sure-to-be-crazy reunion special! Put THAT in your backpack, Miss Dora!

The cast of “The A-List: New York” were just on The Wendy Williams Show this morning. As you may know, Wendy is a big fan of the crazy gay reality throwdown (She’s discussed it frequently on her show — she likes to catch up with the show on Saturday mornings while she’s doing the vacuuming. Wurk.), so apparently when the show’s producers asked her to host, she’s like all… OKAAAAYYYYY!

Halleloo! As you may (or may not know) Wendy is a legendary no-holds-barred interviewer (she rose to fame thanks to her now landmark/whacked-out Whitney Houston interview years ago) and her daytime show has become as addictive as the crack that some divas have been known to snarf.

This oughtta be good. There are still two new episodes of the A-List: New York left to air, so according to Wendy the reunion special will air a week later, on Monday, December 6th. Get ready for all the gay reunion A-List sh*t to hit the fan — with Mizz Wendy as the fierce flinger-in-charge!!!

Some of the A-Listers shmooze it up at Rodiney’s Calendar launch party at Boxers NYC this past Monday. Watch out, Boys! Wendy is coming for you! Photo via MonroyPhotographs.com.

Will Austin and Rodiney fight again? Who’s gonna shed tears? Reichen? (A given.) Will Derek still be bff’s with Austin? Will Mike Ruiz wear his hair slicked back or poofy? And will TJ show up to deliver the kiki? And will Wendy usurp Andy Cohen in the role of mad housewife-referee/drama-instigator? Can we just call her Brandy Cohen?

And did you see the lads on Wendy? I love how Rodiney was all like… “A shirt? What is that?” I loved Derek’s glasses, and Mike’s crazy Union Jack shirt was celebrating the Prince William/Kate engagement, maybe? And you think everyone in the audience got a free copy of Rodiney’s calendar?

Best of all, when Wendy asked the boys for signs that a man is on the homo-DL they served it: Austin called out “homophobic language” but Derek & Mike nailed it. If your man wears designer undies and is waaaayyy into pubic manscaping, you better watch out, Ladies!!!!

More details to come, kids!!!!

John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.