Westboro Baptist Church Blames Gay Marriage For Scotland Helicopter Crash

glasgow helicopter crash

Photo: Getty Images

A horrific helicopter crash in Scotland that has killed at least six people and injured dozens more can be blamed on gay marriage, according to the Westboro Baptist Church.

The nutbag cult started tweeting Friday night, after news that a police helicopter crashed into a crowded Glasgow pub hit the Internet.

“God hates Scotland, where they marry fag beasts,” said the first of a litany of tweets blaming the chopper crash on same-sex marriage. “How’s that fag marriage working out @RuthDavidsonMSP? #BloodOnYourHands,” the WBC messaged to Ruth Davidson, openly gay leader of the Scottish Conservative Party.


Of course the WBC doesn’t have its facts quite right: The Scottish parliament did approve the advancement of a marriage-equality bill last week, but the measure must still be debated in committee and re-voted upon. If it passes a final vote, same-sex couples could marry as early as next March.

Wonder what Kansas did that was so terrible it deserved getting the Westboro loons?



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