LA High Schoolers Shame Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church made the mistake of bringing their hatred over to Los Angeles, California on Monday. They were protesting Santa Monica High School’s affirmation of LGBT students, AKA the “brutish teachers and hateful parents” with their broken moral compasses who have sunk to the depths of hell by “embracing sodomy.”

Approximately six members showed up at the school with signs saying, “God H8s Fags” and “You Eat Your Kids.” WBC, so warm and fuzzy. Luckily, the students and community at Santa Monica High are amazing and decided to outnumber the Westboro protesters. Hundreds of people held a counter protest across from WBC, with signs of their own. (Come on Westboro, know your audience. California? Really?)

Maria Leon-Vazquez, vice president of the Santa Monica Unified Board of Education, spoke out about the students decision to out-picket Westboro. “Our students understand that everybody has the right to their First Amendment rights, and so be it,” she said. “But we, in this particular city, we really understand that their is no room for hatred and bigotry, so the students decided that they had to make their point this morning.”

The homophobics lasted only an hour before scurrying away with their hatred. At the end of the video you can hear kids yelling to them about going back to Kansas.

Gotta love LA.