We’ve Moved!

We're not in Kansas anymore.

TheBacklot has joined forces with NewNowNext, with an eye-popping new layout, the fabulous Dan Avery at the helm, and lots of new bells and whistles for our readers.

But if you just want to access TheBacklot content, you’ll be able to find it here, and you can also find every TheBacklot article now at NewNowNext.

Change can be hard, but if there’s one thing that was constant on AfterElton and TheBacklot, and now our new home at NewNowNext, it’s that our readers have turned each incarnation into a family. A family that sometimes squabbles, and sometimes bring home weird dates whose aunt made $7245 dollars on the internet last month, but a family who ultimately care and support each other.

So please join us, and we’ll enjoy our new home together!

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