What Character Should Adam Lambert Play On “Glee?” Here Are Five Suggestions

As we mentioned last night, Adam Lambert is joining Season Five of Glee, but there was no info released about how many episodes or even what role he’ll be playing.

While Ryan Murphy and co. decide what character they want Adam to play, here are five helpful suggestions. TPTB should feel free to use any of these … no charge!


The producers decide to go to the Puck gene pool one more time when it’s revealed that Jake and Noah’s mother had a one-night stand with a door-to-door traveling glitter salesman, and they’re introduced to their brother Peter Puckerman, who’s working as a pickled pepper picker in Poughkeepsie. The season arc will have the Puckermen trying to find their long-lost sister, who sells seashells by the seashore.


Adam plays a reporter going undercover as a nerdy student to investigate America’s Worst High School. His performances of “Hip To Be Square” and the entire Rivers Cuomo songbook help him maintain his cover, but it’s totally blown when he’s caught lip-synching Lana Del Rey in the AV room.


Adam plays a rich European Count who has decided to invest in NYADA. While he’s touring the halls he sees Kurt and is instantly smitten. He takes the fragile Hummell under his wing, and like a demented Henry Higgins, grooms him for life as a royal. Unfortunately, Blaine tries to intercede and is walled up in the Count’s dungeon, but he escapes and uses the experience to wow Broadway in his one-man show The Song and Dance Man in the Iron Mask.


Matt Bomer returns as Blaine’s brother Cooper, and he introduces Blaine and Kurt to his new fiance … Adam! Okay, the real reason why this should happen is because of the historic implications. It would be the first time that the #1, #2, #3, and #4 men on TheBacklot.com 2013 Hot 100 are in the same place. *Bonus points if they can get #5 Dylan O’Brien to make a cameo.


It’s high time Glee jumped on the vampire bandwagon, and Adam would be perfect for the role. When a subway excavation in NYC unearthes Adam’s coffin, he rises from the dead and seeks out virgin blood. Sadly, he has to settle for Kurt, who’s close enough. After turning him into a mini-vamper, the two of them head back to Lima (after first dispatching some odds & ends in NYC, including that Homeless-Neil-Patrick-Harris-Looking British guy, and Grody Brody), and help Ryan Murphy out by trimming the cast down. Let’s see … New Cast, you’re dead. Well, except for the guys, who can be shirtless minions, and maybe that one bitchy girl, who will be used as a sacrifice for Vampire Queen Santana.

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