What Frank Bruni Got Wrong About Seattle

You know how when a visiting columnist from a large publication visits a smaller town and makes proclamations about the lifestyle there, and then all the local bloggers from said town scoff and mock the columnist?

I don’t think Frank Bruni of the New York Times is going to get a lot of that guff for his piece ’Seattle, A Tasting Menu.’ As someone who lived in Seattle for 18 years, I gotta say … Bruni kind of knows what he’s talking about.

There are only two points on which I feel compelled to sass him.

The first: It’s true that Seattle is as farm-to-table as any city. But Bruni only covered the sexier, newer, decidedly Euro-centric rich-hippie restaurants. But he missed a key element of Seattle dining, which is the Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai restaurants, most of which are farm-to-table just because … there are farms and produce in Seattle. No big deal. It would’ve given Bruni a greater understanding of the city to hit up one of those Asian concepts, be they old-timers’ Chinatown establishments, or Thai pop-up dinners.

The second: Bruni wrote “June, July, August: that’s when the Pacific Northwest is most glorious. The clouds disperse and the sun shines plenty.” Liar. As we’ve already established, don’t go looking for glorious weather in Seattle outside of mid-August to mid-September.

But all in all … not too shabby, Bruni.


[Photo courtesy of NYT]