“What Not To Wear” Hosts Stacy London And Clinton Kelly Are Fighting, You Guys

"It was like getting a little slap in the face."

There was a brief window in the early part of this century when everyone was doing fashion makeover shows. Queer Eye was on Bravo, but TLC had What Not To Wear. (Yes, TLC used to air something besides Little People, Big Duck Dynasty and Counting.)


On the show, co-stars Stacy London and Clinton Kelly would give a fashion-challenged subject some tips on how to up their style game before sending them on a shopping spree. If the person started veering into the wrong direction, they’d swoop in to set them straight.


They had a bitchy-but-fun rapport a la Will & Grace. And London was the only person on Earth who could pull off a skunk stripe.

Cut to this week, when Kelly realized London had blocked him on Twitter.

Now on The Chew, Kelly addressed the apparent beef. (Get it: Beef? Chew?)

“It seems juicy, but it really isn’t that juicy,” he told his co-hosts. “It was like getting a little slap in the face. I was like, What is that all about? Why, and how, and when?”

“I come back from the gym and my phone has blown up,” he elaborated. “I’ve got interview requests from People magazine, E!, Newsweek, CNN. The tea is, there ain’t no tea. I literally don’t know if she blocked me yesterday, or a year ago, a month ago… But I’ve got no beef with Stacy at all.”

London hasn’t disclosed why she shut out her former co-star, but she did cop to a WNTW fashion faux pas of her own on Twitter.

What’s good, Stacy?

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