What The What?! Faye Dunaway And Warren Beatty Are Presenting Best Picture Oscar AGAIN

"Presenting is better the second time around."

Presumably secure that lightning won’t strike the same stage twice, producers of the 2018 Academy Awards have reportedly invited Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty back to announce this year’s Best Picture winner.

The duo, who co-starred in 1967’s Bonnie and Clyde , famously screwed up at last year’s ceremony, erroneously announcing La La Land as the winner before producer Jordan Horowitz returned to the stage and declared that Moonlight had actually taken the top honor.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

TMZ is reporting Beatty and Dunaway, who supposedly have a frosty personal relationship, showed up for rehearsals at L.A.’s Dolby Theatre this week and did two run-throughs. Dunaway began their banter by saying, “Presenting is better the second time around,” followed by Beatty joking, “The winner is Gone with the Wind.

TMZ claims the duo have so much dislike for each other, they refused to rehearse last year—leading to that unforgettable flub.

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