“Whatcha Packin'”: Michelle Visage Sits Down With This Week’s Eliminated Queen

"I thought that there was no way I would even make it past the first two challenges."

This week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race saw the final four queens duking it out to earn their spot in the finale.

After filming a music video and turning out several different runway looks, each queen performed a lip-sync for Mama Ru and the judges. Though they all showcased their obvious talents, it was Chi Chi DeVayne who was sent home.

Despite any disappointment Chi Chi may have been feeling, Michelle Visage couldn’t stop saying how proud she was of the creole queen on the latest installment of “Whatcha Packin’.”

“So many times I come down on the girls to try, and push you, and it’s only if you hear it or not,” said Visage. “But you heard it… and you got it, and seeing you grow it was like ’Oh my god, look at her, she’s a lady!’ There’s so much to be proud of.”

The two also talked about her time on the show, the origin of her drag name, and the struggles she faced coming into the competition.

“Seeing everybody and seeing their stuff, I thought that there was no way I would even make it past the first two challenges,” Chi Chi revealed. “I didn’t feel that the stuff that I had was good enough.”

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Asked what pulled her out of that mindset, Chi Chi admitted it was Michelle herself. “I looked at you as my mother, not as Michelle, and I said to myself, ’She’s gonna be hard on me.’ I had to take what you said and apply it.”

But while she didn’t snatch the crown, Chi Chi is in a whole new place than when she started.

“I’m the top bitch in Shreveport now!” she joked. “Don’t matter how many breastplates the girls back home have—nobody can touch me.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race airs Mondays at 10/9c on Logo.

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