Whatever happened to … Matt Keeslar?

You might remember how Matt Keeslar felt like an ubiquitous presence at indie film houses in the late 90's and at the turn of the century. Keeslar was in his fair share of gay films, such as Greg Araki's three-way romance Splendor, the film adaptation of Charles Busch's Psycho Beach Party and, most notably, from his steamy love scenes with Dan Futterman in Urbania. Gay sci-fi fans probably also remember him from the Sci-Fi Channel's mini-series adaptation of Dune.

Of late, however, Keeslar hasn't been quite so omnipresent. A look at his IMDB profile shows that Keeslar took a break in 2002 (shortly after his high-profile turn in Scream 3), as there's a gap in his history from 2002's Live from Baghdad until an appearance in an episode of the Tim Minear-produced The Inside in 2005. Since then, he's acted in a few badly-reviewed movies (funny, I don't remember him in Art School Confidential, but then again I don't remember much more about that one beyond Max Minhgella's dreamy eyes) but has mostly appeared in TV series such as Ghost Whisperer, Masters of Horror, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and NUMB3RS.

Keeslar's latest has him playing the main role in Jeckyll, a remake of the classic story written and directed by the same guy who create the web soap The Spot. We welcome him back and look forward to seeing him more often.

Of course, any excuse to post pictures of Keeslar is a good one. Check out more after the jump!

Lyle Masaki is a fan of obscure superheroes, video games, adorkable guys and that show you loved that got cancelled way too soon.