What’s the Best Stefon Sketch Ever? Watch Them All Right Now!

This YouTube video dump has everything.

When Stefon parties, Stefon parties hard.

While you were probably being distracted by some D.C. drama, Saturday Night Live recently released every appearance of Bill Hader as “Weekend Update” correspondent Stefon, everyone’s favorite aficionado of obscure New York City nightlife, uploaded to YouTube in five chronological videos.

This clip dump truly has everything, from Stefon’s first appearance in a 2008 Ben Affleck sketch to the beloved queer character’s epic wedding with “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Meyers.


Hader left SNL in 2013 after eight seasons. He has memorably brought Stefon out of retirement for Meyers’ final show and when returning to host the NBC sketch comedy series.

Do you have a favorite club description or character break?

Watch every single Stefon appearance below.

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