When Did Kip From “Napoleon Dynamite” Get So Cute?


It’s been a full ten years since Napoleon Dynamite hit theaters and spawned a million “Vote Pedro” t-shirts.

The movie is timeless (honestly, we can’t even tell what decade its set in) but as Refinery 29 points out, at least one of it’s stars has improved with age: Aaron Ruell, a.k.a. Napoleon’s cage-match-fighting, LaFawnduh-marrying brother, Kip, is a total cutie.

Can you believe these two photos are of the same guy?

NapDynamite_157Pyxurz aaron ruell X

He looks like the lost member of Weezer.

Sundance NEXT FEST Screening Of "Napoleon Dynamite"<

Ruell’s not doing much acting these days, but he’s a seriously accomplished commercial photographer. He also directed two films that premiered at Sundance—Everything’s Gone Green and Mary.

2012 Winter TCA Tour - Day 5

He’s even cuter reunited with his on-screen love, Shondrella Avery

lafanduh Sundance NEXT FEST Screening Of "Napoleon Dynamite"

Y’know, looking at this old photo of Aaron and John Hader, maybe he was a hottie all along. Who knew?

napoleon dynamite tumblr_mafaimUgZw1rzjjfeo1_500
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