When Pelosi Talks Impeachment, She Knows What She’s Doing.

This is why I trust Nancy.

On Monday afternoon, The Washington Post magazine published an interview with Speaker Pelosi where she said “I’m not for impeachment,” and suddenly there was an explosion that registered 9.6 on the outrage Richter scale.

Pelosi continued: “I’m going to give you some news right now because I haven’t said this to any press person before. But since you asked, and I’ve been thinking about this: impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. And he’s just not worth it.”

The most powerful Democrat in the country merely suggested that she doesn’t think impeachment is the right course of action for the Democrats to take before the 2020 election, and with that the blue wolves turned on her and started sniping at her spiked heels.

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She never said that she was slamming the door shut on the option of impeachment, but in her experience, and her often astute wiseness, she believes there is a better path to victory—and I trust her.

She is correct when she speaks to the divisiveness that an impeachment hearing would thrust onto an already fractured nation. She knows that it will only embolden Trump’s base to support him even more, leading to a catastrophic loss for the Democrats (losing control of the House and not winning the Senate or the Presidency).

Yes, Donald Trump has done things that would constitute grounds for impeachment, but unfortunately there’s more to it than that. We must take into account the political climate, optics and ultimately the votes needed to make it happen. Many of those factors are not on our side.

For the record, impeachment is political action, not a legal one, and the constitution’s language is quite vague, leaving it up to congressional interpretation. And Congress will not provide the solid ground Democrats need to be standing on when heading into the election battle of our lives.

Nancy Pelosi wants nothing more than for Donald Trump to be removed from office and have Democrats back in control to restore law, order and sanity to Washington, D.C., and the country, but there are many variables to weigh.

A recent poll out of Iowa shows Trump’s support among Republicans at an extremely high level. This is more proof that his own party is not going to turn or him, or even challenge him, if the impeachment process were ever brought about.

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives could pass articles of impeachment and start the process tomorrow, but what next? As history has shown us with Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, the Senate is needed for the conviction, and with the partisan breakdown as it stands now, Trump would join these other two presidents in avoiding the ultimate axe.

Furthermore, when a president enjoys a healthy economy, he almost always get reelected. Trump is enjoying economic good fortune (#ThanksObama) although it is fair to note that almost all of the economic policies enacted by Trump and his party have hurt more Americans than they’ve helped. Factories and farms across the midwest are shuttering, and while unemployment numbers get touted by his mouthpieces on cable news, digging deeper into stats tells a sadder story across the heartland.

Lastly, Trump also seems to be immune to scandals that would have made other presidencies crumble, and his cultish base shows no signs of not showing up at the polls in full force.

So what do we, the real majority in this country, do to get rid of this monstrosity in the White House?

We trust our leaders like Nancy Pelosi.

We elected them to do a job. They are there to lead us to our shared goals, not to deliver us the immediate personal satisfaction we desire. I would love nothing more than to see Trump, Pence and rest of their klan dragged out of the White House in handcuffs and thrown into prison to rot for the rest of their lives. I mean, they deserve it, but it probably won’t happen through impeachment.

We have to play smart, and Nancy Pelosi is smart.

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Hollow attacks by some in our party failed to scar the political beast as she fought her way back into power and almost immediately proved her worth (again) when she didn’t blink an eye as Trump threw his childish tantrum of shutting down the government over his vanity wall. She stood her ground, won that battle, and showed us that she can help us win the war.

I trust Nancy Pelosi.

She knows that we need to chip away at Trump bit by bit, like we’ve been doing. She knows that we need to be a unified force behind a true Democrat that appeals to every corner of the party. She knows that being anti-Trump is not enough. She knows that we must speak to issues that those in our party face every day. She knows that we need to have huge voter turnout, because when we vote, we win, and that is how we will get rid of Donald Trump.

Like many in the political arena, she also knows that it’s not the Mueller investigation that terrifies Trump and his cronies, it’s the stuff thats going on in the Southern District of New York. If you’re out for blood, that’s a good place to wait for the gushing to occur.

Until then, let’s all focus on winning this war by standing together, voting and finally exorcising this demon from American politics, and (hopefully) our lives—forever.

Scott Nevins is an award-winning TV personality and host, comedian, political/news contributor, LGBTQ and HIV awareness activist, and godfather.