Which Hollywood Hunk Put His Prizeworthy Package On Display At The MTV Movie Awards?

Plus: Zac Efron apologizes to Seth Rogen's junk and Kevin Hart gets #dickincake trending.

The MTV Movie Awards celebrated its 25th anniversary with one of its wildest nights ever. Our favorite moment, ironically, came at the very end—when one of our favorite male stars trotted out sans pants.

Alexander Skarsgard was there to present The Force Awakens with the Movie of the Year award but decided to give The Legend of Tarzan some free press by showing us what he’d look like in a loincloth.

“You got to give the fans a little skin,” he told the crowd.

Of course that was par for the course for the evening, which saw Kevin Hart and the Rock rapping about Leonardo DiCaprio getting “f*cked by a bear” in “The Revenant” (above) and Zac Efron apologizing to Seth Rogen’s junk (below).

zac efron seth rogen MTV Movie Awards

It was a genital-centric ceremony, to be sure: Hart recalled putting his dick in cake years before American Pie.

And Pitch Perfect 2 stars Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine didn’t just re-enact their Best Kiss, they one-upped it by rolling around on the floor in a passionate make-out session that needed to be blurred in parts.

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