Which Joan Crawford Freakout Are You?

Did you scrub the bathroom floor today? DID YOU?

Iconic. Majestic. Cinema’s greatest gem. Season 2 of Cocktails and Classics continues this Sunday with Mommie Dearest.

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Michael Urie will be spilling the tea with Drew Droege, D.J. Pierce, Justin Vivian Bond, Michael Musto and Rutanya Alda (Carol Anne in the film). Strap yourself into bed and prepare for the campiest, craziest, most fabulous Hollywood has ever made – ever.


Below, take this quiz to find out which Joan Crawford freak out you identify with.

Which do you prefer: An axe or a wire hanger? Or are you old-fashioned and prefer to use your bare hands? Find out below!

Watch Cocktails and Classics: Mommie Dearest this Sunday at 8/7c on Logo TV.

Alberto Davalos is a pleasure to have in class.