Which “Little Shop Of Horrors” Character Are You?

"Does this look 'inanimate' to you, punk?"

Cocktails and Classics continues this Sunday with the network premiere of Little Shop of Horrors. Could there be a better movie to watch while you nurse your Halloween hangover?

Join host Michael Urie and his best Judys, Drew Droege, Michelle Collins, and Shangela, while they discuss the most lighthearted horror movie in cinematic history.


Let’s be honest, we were all the weird drama kids in high school. We know you weren’t acting as Seymour; you were Seymour during your play’s successful two-weekend run. Those were the good old days.

We decided to create this quiz to validate your high school struggles. We recommend printing out the results so you can show your drama teacher that you really were Audrey and you weren’t being dramatic!!

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