‘White Collar’ Recap: How Dreamy Was Matt Bomer?

Hello friend.

Neal Caffrey got to make out with a hot widow AND make some banging paella on last night’s White Collar — what more could one want in life? Oh, and he and Agent Burke also solved a crazy crime using their freaky Wonder Twin powers, where Neal says something to someone and they repeat it to Burke who can uncover the hidden meaning. They’re like chubby Olsen twins!

Now for Neal’s┬ádreamiest moments.

  • He Buys People Sandwiches. Neal takes Peter a snack at the warehouse, is he not the sweetest?
  • He Makes Money Jokes. Neal is just as underpaid as the rest of us, and calls his bank account his rainy day fund because all he can afford with his check is an umbrella. This guy!
  • He Is Super Smooth Around Exes He Abandoned To Flee To Another Country With No Warning. We’ve all been there, right?
  • He Saves Wealthy Widows From Being Kidnapped. True gentleman.
  • He Makes Paella For Wealthy Widows. A Renaissance man if ever there was one.
  • He Makes Out With Wealthy Widows. They need love too.
  • He Can Lose Creepy Private Investigators On The Crowded Streets Of NYC And Still Keep His Hair Looking Great. This guy is like a Garnier Nutrisse commercial.
  • He Can Tell When Drivers Have Been Turned. Great eye Caffrey.
  • He Can Speak To Agent Burke In Codes. That rainy day account was for a reason.
  • He Cares About Dying Friends. Not Ellen!

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