‘White Collar’ Recap: How Dreamy Was Matt Bomer?

Matt Bomer White Collar Recap

Matt Bomer, wind in his hair

White Collar was crazy last night, in both a good and bad way. Good because we got a whole bunch of Mozzie (Willie Garson) as he attempted to track down a legendary spy ring that dated back to the 18th century, and bad because this meant that our pal Neal (Matt Bomer) was kind of a supporting character this week. Despite all that however, Bomer’s dreaminess still found a way to shine through.

Now let’s take a look at just what made Matty so dreamy last night.

  • He Supports His Friends, Even The Super Weird Ones. Would Mozzie have any friends at all if not for Neal? The man spends his time trying to crack codes and bidding on vacant storage units, as if he is the star of some A & E reality show.
  • He Looks Good In A Cardigan. If only every day could be Saturday on White Collar.
  • He Likes A Good Back Massage. Sadly, this week it came from the seat of a car.
  • He Supports His Friends Dreams. Who else would encourage Mozzie to track down an ancient spy ring?
  • He Make Hysterical Political Jokes. How about that George Washington line about not being able to tell a lie? Hilarious.
  • He Sits Through Shadow Puppet Plays. We do not like any of our friends, no matter how sad they may be, enough to watch even one-minute of a shadow puppet production.
  • He Plays Well With Others. He first asks Agent Jones (Sharif Atkins) if they have enough evidence to arrest creepy dude from The Comeback before pulling out his gun. He’s growing up!
  • He Is Good At Knowing Where His Friends Are. Who needs to text or email? Neal totally knows where Mozzie is heading at all times.
  • He Is Good At Puzzles. Mozzie leaves Neal a clue and Neal can figure it out in no time.
  • He Looks Good In A Cardigan. Did we mention this yet?

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