‘White Collar’ Recap: How Dreamy Was Matt Bomer?

He’s back!

White Collar has returned, making our Tuesday nights that much better as we get to end our day gawking at the always dreamy Matt Bomer. Thanks USA!

This week, we got right back into the swing of things, with Neal (Bomer) making counterfeit whiskey to try and catch some jerk who also maybe killed Ellen. Turns out, Neal is also really good at making fake booze, since he is good at everything. Moozie (Willie Garson) was also able to help as he is a bit of a glassblowing aficionado. This show…

But enough of that, let’s look at Matt’s dreamiest moments last night.

  • He Drinks Whiskey Out Of Tea Cups. It really is the classiest and most adorable way to get a buzz on at the office.
  • He Can Make Really Good Fake Whiskey. If only we had a boyfriend like this.
  • He Gets Hungover. Who knew? He still looks great of course.
  • His Hangover Cure Is More Booze. We like a man who enjoys the hair of the dog.
  • He Is A Charming Salesman. Did you see him at that whiskey tasting? Why don’t more alcohol reps looks like that at out liquor store?
  • He Is An Amazing Actor. Forget Mozzie and Agent Burke, we love when Neal and Elizabeth start playing people.
  • He Is Great At Making Pyrotechnics. Whiskey in the fire? Well played Neal.
  • He Cried. Neal and his father said farewell, that was fast, and there were some waterworks. Maybe even a little tear from us.

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