‘White Collar’ Recap: How Dreamy Was Matt Bomer?

Hey good looking.

Hey good looking.

Why do you love to confuse us White Collar?

After taking a week off and then spending a week with those Bonnie and Clyde robbers, we are finally back to the Ellen hidden evidence storyline. Well, kind of, we are more focused on this annoying bitch of a new boss who looks like a bougie Kim Zolciak. Ugh, she is the worst.

We also got to spend some time with the super, super hot Pablo Schreiber, who played a villainous art dealer/artist with the amazing name of JB Bellmiere. That name alone just tells us he is going to be a dick.

But more importantly we got to spend an hour with Mr. Matt Bomer, and he was a dream as always. Now let’s count his dreamy ways below.

  • He gets his friends free ice cream, saving them $17 in the process.
  • He is good at being fake to awful new bosses.
  • He knows all about sculpture and Napoleonic era rope burns.
  • He also knows all about chicken sexers, which is of course a huge turn on.
  • He “gets” art students.
  • He also knows how to sculpt, and does so in sexy Clark Kent glasses.
  • And then in nothing but a wifebeater.
  • He enjoys a good pinky swear.
  • He steals wildly expensive FBI toys, and breaks them.
  • He can hold off hammer-wielding artists.

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