‘White Collar’ Recap: How Dreamy Was Matt Bomer?

Matt Bomer, blue sky.

What is going on with White Collar? Neil is working away in the FBI office and poor Peter is stuck in an evidence warehouse? Agent Burke deserves better! Thank goodness Neil decides to involve him in catching a criminal who only strikes every five years to ensure the statute of limitations expires on his crimes. And thank goodness Matt Bomer looks dreamy as ever in the process.

Below, Matt’s ten dreamiest moments this week.

  • He Wants To Find Out About His Past — Neal is totally in touch with his emotions and wants to find out about who his father was. Awwww.
  • He Cares About His Friends — Sure he owes Peter one after that whole saving him from death and jail thing, but he really goes above and beyond in helping his bestie score a big criminal.
  • He Encourages His Friends — Peter sucks a squash, but Neal reassures him by saying it’s just like riding a bike. Even though he’s lying.
  • He Hates Ring Shopping — We do too!
  • He Knows The Layout Of Various Jewelers — Theft can come in handy!
  • He Gets His Friends To Help His Other Friends — Thank goodness Mozzie did all of Peter’s work for him at The Cave while he was apprehending a thief as his boss is a huge dick.
  • He Is Good At Figuring Out Combination Locks — Swoon!
  • He Teaches People How To Con — Peter totally played that lady about to but his stolen jewels.
  • He Can Read Your Signature — It says so much about us. Who knew?
  • He Has Picnic Lunches With Pals — How cute are Peter and Neal dining al fresco.

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