‘White Collar’ Recap: How Dreamy Was Matt Bomer?

White Collar Recap Matt Bomer

We missed you Matt

Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) was back to his old stealing ways last night, snagging a glorified wind chime from the Whitney (right?) for a hot British lesbian on White Collar. Sadly for hot British lesbian, Neal was setting her up, that dastardly, dapper demon he is, so he could get a super secret file being held by US Marshals. Always working an angle that Neal.

Now, let’s talk about his dreaminess.

  • He Remembers His Friends Favorite Flowers. Ellen is a goner, sadly, and Neal attends her funeral bearing her fave flowers. What a sweetheart.
  • He Has A Funeral Fedora. We know it’s not supposed to be a fashion show, but that was a very tight look Neal was rocking.
  • He Will Avenge The Death Of A Friend. Sure he is also after information on his father, but Neal is totally gonna put a smackdown on whoever hurt his Ellen.
  • He Gets Excited For Museum Trips. It may be more for the stealing aspect, but wouldn’t Neal be the best ever for a day date?
  • He Gets Jealous When Girls Don’t Like Him. Haha Neal, hot British lesbian likes Diana and not you.
  • He Is A Legend. But British lesbian is a HUGE fan of his famous thieving.
  • He Has A Stealing Fedora. There really is a hat for every occasion. Thanks Mozzie.
  • He Thinks Contemporary Art Is Garbage. Amen.
  • He Does The Right Thing. He called Agent Burke to get hot British lesbian arrested, thank God.
  • He Doesn’t Do The Right Thing. So he can access the US Marshal information in evidence. HOW IS HE SO SMART?

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